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Never wonder “What should I wear?” again. Begin receiving four weeks of lessons in your inbox tomorrow, leading you to a clearer sense of your style, an edited closet full of clothing you love, and 5 powerful outfits to wear at home or in your office.

Get the experience of working with a luxury personal stylist for only $197.

Women have been asking me for the same thing for over twenty years, to help them look and feel put-together. I’ve seen it time and time again. When dressed in clothes that make you feel confident, your inner light can’t be extinguished. The world is your oyster.

Whether working from home or in the office, there is a direct connection from our wardrobes to our self-esteem. When we show up in the world the way we want to be perceived, we are unstoppable.

I’ve poured my 20+ years of personal styling and image consulting experience into the Wear Your Power e-Course.  This is an easy-to-access, step-by-step course that will enable you to conquer your closet and wear your power in 4 short weeks!

I’m so excited to be offering this on demand e-Course. I want every woman to emerge from her coronavirus cocoon a stylish butterfly, with a week’s worth of perfect work outfits and time to spend on everything but her wardrobe.

In my dream world, I’d be able to help every one of you create your ideal wardrobe in person. I would edit your closet, take you shopping, and create perfect outfits for you. Of course, not everyone wants to invest the time and money into their own luxury personal stylist. However, I’m still here to help you end the madness!

There is a sane, organized way to approach rebuilding your wardrobe that will give you both self-confidence and style. I will lead you step by step through building a new wardrobe for the new you.

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Why should you conquer your closet now? (a.k.a. Why bother when no one sees you except your family and your dog?)

You see you. Every time you pass a mirror or stare into a Zoom window, unhappy with your less-than-optimal wardrobe, your self-confidence takes a hit. What if, instead of chipping away at your self-esteem, every Zoom call or walk past the mirror gave you more self-confidence?

Feeling good about how you show up for yourself and others allows you the freedom to concentrate on the important things: your family, your work, and supporting your community. You can Wear Your Power in 4 short weeks.

This is your chance to finally put in the time to conquer your closet!

Is this the right e-course for me?

Whether your office (yes, we mean your home office too!) dress code is business casual, business formal, or whatever goes, the highly flexible Wear Your Power e-Course is appropriate for you. Get the experience of working with a luxury personal stylist for only $197.

During the 4 weeks of lessons (2 new lessons per week), I’ll help you:

  • Take stock of your fashion journey.
  • Edit your wardrobe.
  • Define your style type.
  • Find your Power Color.
  • Shop for the must-have pieces for your work wardrobe.
  • Put it together with outfit guidelines and styling tips.

By the end of the course, you’ll have:

  • Five go-to outfits for every day
  • Clarity in your style
  • An easy-to-navigate closet filled only with clothes you love.

“Lani Inlander, the DC-based stylist and founder of consulting company Real Life Style, has a suggestion for women during the current stay-at-home order: Conquer your closet.”

How long will it take to complete the e-course?

“I’m tired, I have no time,” you say.

What if you could have a blueprint to your new wardrobe in one month? What’s four weeks after all the time you have spent feeling badly about your wardrobe? You will get the time and energy back in spades!

During the four-week course, you’ll get two new lessons and prompts each week. Work at your own pace or do the lessons as they come. Your choice. We can all use as much flexibility as we can get right now.

What makes this e-course different from other online courses?

You can start at the right time for YOU.

No portal to sign into. The course comes right to your inbox!

A personal call with me, a stylist with 20+ years of experience, at the end of the course.

What others have to say about the Wear Your Power e-course:

I now have the foundation for a polished wardrobe. I’m going to feel more confident on my daily video calls for work, and on the rare occasions I’m socializing, whether virtually or in person. Just as important, I’ll be eager to select my outfits each morning, instead of semi-dreading it.

-Kara, WYP Course Participant

This course was amazing and so much more than I thought I would get.  I feel much better about my closet now. Thanks for the personal recommendation on navy.  I needed a new suit and normally would have bought grey or black – but I bought navy and I LOVE it!

Anonymous, WYP Course Participant

After taking all of Lani’s suggestions from our call, my closet really came together so much better. And when I open up my closet it actually looks fun and makes me happy and excited to pick out an outfit. While there are a few pieces I could still purchase, I was happy to discover that I had plenty of options to choose from. 

Molly, WYP Course Participant

Thank you again for the helpful class and especially the call – such helpful guidance and motivation, and I’m so grateful!

-Anonymous, WYP Course Participant

Sign up to receive the program in your inbox tomorrow.

Get the experience of working with a luxury personal stylist for only $197.

When can I start the course?

The next course begins whenever you want. Wind up busy or fall behind? Don’t worry. Once you are registered you will have access to the course material even after the course has ended.

Most online courses have limited enrollment periods so that potential clients have a reason to pull the trigger. I don’t want to play those games with you. I trust you to know when you are ready to take control of your closet and wear your power.

Looking forward to helping you wear your power, butterflies!

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