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1000 Fibers Connect Us with Betsy Fisher, “Meet Lani Inlander”

“People literally avoid life when they don’t have the correct, appropriate attire, and they don’t even know they are doing it . . . We have seen it so many times, the opportunities that come people’s way – it’s not that they weren’t there before, it’s that (people) are afraid to embrace life or go after their (opportunities) because they don’t have the right clothing or feel the part until they work with us.”

Gift Guides

The RLS Last Minute Gift Guide 2022


Doesn’t everyone say that this year’s last minute gift guide is the best one ever? Maybe so. But this year’s holiday gift guide may be the best one we’ve ever done, last minute or not. We want to give you details about so many items! However, the best use of your time at this late date is to stop reading, pull out your unfinished gift lists, and start clicking!