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Work Wardrobe

Your Wardrobe Workhorses: The Best Work Pants

Pants can be so overwhelming to shop for that a lot of women just end up wearing the same threadbare pants for years, unwilling to go through the trying process of finding the elusive “perfect” pair. Use our guide to the best pairs in the market, which is by no means all-encompassing, but should get you a fresh, well-fitting tailored pant in your closet with the least amount of stress.

Work Wardrobe

RLS Approved Ponte Pieces

What is Ponte and how the heck do you pronounce it? For the record, (pon-tee) fabric is a knit made from polyestor, rayon, and spandex. The two-way stretch of the knit is comfortable, but because of the thickness of the fabric it smooths over lumps and bumps instead of grabbing like a regular knit would. It can almost act as a pressurized garment to hold you in without constricting your movement in any way. Does this fabric sound too good to be true? Yeah, I know it does, but it isn’t. Most of the pieces below (with the exception of …

Work Wardrobe

Your Perfect Work Shell

One thing we find our clients are always looking for is the perfect shell. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what that means. Below you will find our greatest hits, in order from least to most expensive. (If you are our client, chances are you have one of the below tops!) We’ve already dedicated a whole blog to the Iris Setlakwe V-Neck Top, as it is a tried-and-true favorite of ours. Kyle has had multiple clients fall in love with the Donna Karan Center-Knot V-Neck Blouse, the least expensive top featured. The Vince Camuto Rumpled Satin Blouse comes in handy when …

Work Wardrobe

The Best White Blazers for Summer 2018

Why white blazers this week? Because so many of our clients have been asking for them, we thought our blog readers might also be interested! The majority of the blazers below are options that we have tried on our clients and really believe in the style, fit, and value, including the white maternity blazer. We love a white blazer over a black dress or a black top/pants combo to make the look more summer-appropriate. Remember, a shorter blazer works best with jackets and skirts. If you are really petite, the shorter blazers will also work with pants. Happy Shopping! . …