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Not Your Father’s Custom Clothing (Happy Birthday, Dad!)

If you have a husband, boyfriend, father, or brother who could use some help in the sartorial department, you need to know about Alton Lane. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a special discount offer!

Just as a custom suit does not fit like any other suit, a visit to Alton Lane’s bespoke atelier is not like most shopping experiences. One, you peruse the fabric and style choices at a fully stocked bar, and two, you get completely naked during the process. But more on that later…

My husband woke up one morning last week and had such a GIRL MOMENT, I almost had to laugh. Except that he was freaking out. Why do women freak out in the morning? Because THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. Between weight fluctuation, a delayed trip to the dry cleaner, and just plain old wear and tear on the suits he had been wearing, he really and truly had NOTHING TO WEAR. Of course, as a fashion stylist who lives to relieve others of these painful moments, I was devastated that this had happened on my watch. A plan was hatched to rebuild his wardrobe. Unlike my female clients, however, instant gratification would not be his. As long as we were going to rebuild his wardrobe, we decided to do it right and GO CUSTOM. Enter Alton Lane, both a fabulous value and a fabulous experience, even for the man who hates to shop.

A friend told us about Alton Lane (see it featured here in my Father’s Day Gift Guide) after he had his wedding suit made there. He couldn’t stop raving about the transparent pricing, process, and style of his new suit. After attending his wedding, I was hooked on the idea of bespoke tailoring for the modern man. With locations in New York and DC, as well as a virtual service, no man need be without a proper fitting suit!

step 1Step 1: Choose fabric and cut for your suit. Prices start at $525 for a 2-piece suit.

step 2Step 2: Pick super cool lining, piping and even contrast buttonhole stitching if you want. We chose pink piping with light blue lining for a navy suit.


step 3Step 3: Body scan- naked! Good for figuring out overall body shape.

Step 4Step 4: Put on an Alton Lane shirt and pants in your approximate off-the-rack sizes while they take 12 measurements by hand.

step 5Step 5: Suit arrives at your doorstep within 4-6 weeks. About 70% of clients need no alterations the first time around. For those that do, Alton Lane provides a list of tailors and reimburses you 120% of the tailoring cost, up to $100. Notes are then added to your account so your next suit is perfect.

Stay tuned for details of the final results!Discount Alert!!! Does a man in your life need to experience proper fitting clothes? Real Life Style is lucky enough to have discount cards available for our readers. Book an appointment or order your suit online before July 30th, 2012 and you’ll receive a $50 discount off your first suit! Want one? Post the details of your man’s sartorial stress on my Facebook Page!

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