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Your Guide to the Best White Sneakers this Summer

Lani sporting her Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers.

What does it take to make the Real Life Style list of the best white sneakers? The number one priority for sneakers is comfort. Closely followed by style, of course. As always, you don’t have to compromise on comfort or style if you follow our advice!

Let us know in the comments below the blog what your favorite white sneakers are these days. As you can see above, I’ve been sporting Stan Smiths from Adidas this summer.

Happy Shopping!

lani signature real life style


The black Adidas Samba has been the trendy sneaker for the past few years. However, we prefer the fresh look of the white Adidas Samba lately. Don’t forget they also come in green or red stripes, in addition to the black. These shoes are so popular, they sell out quick! I recommend checking the website often for a restock.

Adidas Originals Samba OG Shoes, $100

Adidas Originals Stan Smith white sneakers

Adidas Originals Stan Smith, $100


Autry is a recently relaunched American heritage brand from the early 1980’s. Known for their well-made, super-comfortable and functional athletic footwear, the brand lay dormant after the death of its founder in the nineties. The made-in-America brand is hot again. And how hot is the Autry Medalist Low Top Embossed Leather style? Just look for the signature tiny American flag on all Autry styles!

Autry Medalist Low Top white Leather Sneaker

Autry Medalist Low Top Leather Sneaker, $195

Autry Medalist Low Top Embossed white Leather Sneakers

Autry Medalist Low Top Embossed Leather Sneakers, $265

Cole Haan

Do you want a clean, white, sophisticated look for your white sneaker? Perhaps you also want that sneaker to be crazy comfortable? Do you know that Cole Haan shoes usually work for you? Then look no further than the Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker in White Dove for your new white summer sneaker.

Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker in White Dove

Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker in White Dove, $150


I’m sure you know that Madewell makes comfortable sandals and flats. But did you know they also make cute and comfortable sneakers? The Madewell Court Sneakers in White Leather are the perfect example of that magic combination of style and comfort at a great price point.

Madewell Court Sneakers in White Leather

Madewell Court Sneakers in White Leather, $98


Naturalizer is a brand almost always featured in our Fashionable, Comfortable Work Shoes blog. We are loving the new Morrison 2.0, a super sophisticated style of white lace-up sneaker. Don’t you think they look so much more expensive than $99?

Naturalizer Morrison 2.0 women's white sneakers

Naturalizer Morrison 2.0, $99

New Balance

The New Balance 550s are not your dad’s New Balance sneakers. They are your chic Parisian friend’s New Balance sneakers. The 550s can sell out fast. I’m giving you the link to the brand site because they seem to have the best selection. 

New Balance 550 white sneakers

New Balance 550, $110


You might remember the all white Nike Airforce One sneaker from when they first became popular in the 80s and 90s. Nike Airforce Ones have become a classic style, and are still on trend today. Plus, the thick sole means ultimate comfort!

Nike Air Force 1 '07 EasyOn Sneaker in White

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 EasyOn Sneaker in White, $110

Nike Gamma Force Women's Sneaker

Nike Gamma Force Sneaker, $90


We have been selling the more technically advanced running sneakers from On to our clients for a number of years. My only complaint was not having the option of a more casual sneaker look for clients who wanted the ON comfort without the technical sneaker look. Enter The Roger! Problem solved. Um, thanks Roger Federer?

The Roger Advantage Tennis Sneaker

The Roger Advantage Tennis Sneaker, $140


Love the heritage sneaker look? Pining for your sneakers from childhood? Never found anything as comfy as your original Reeboks? I hear you! The Reebok Lifestyle Club C 85 hears you too.

Reebok Lifestyle Club C 85

Reebok Lifestyle Club C 85, $85


Another classic. The Vans Slip-On Shoe will literally never go out of style. You can be a teenage boy or a soccer mom. This clean white slip-on sneaker will make you feel cool. Just don’t forget to wash them once in a while!

classic white sneakers: Vans Slip-On Shoe

Vans Slip-On Shoe, $60


Yes, Vejas are trendy. But they are also environmentally friendly and cute. So go ahead and buy into the hype. But only if you find them comfortable. Some of our clients find them comfortable and some don’t. Make sure you have the correct style for your foot. See below the Veja Campo, Veja Esplar, and the Veja Recife.

Veja+ NET SUSTAIN Campo Leather and Suede Sneaker, $165

Veja Esplar Sneaker in Extra White, $150

Veja Recife Sneaker in Extra White/Natural, $185

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