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Real Life Style’s fashion experts can give your employees the tools and resources to help them dress for professional success. Our most popular corporate service is our Wear Your Power style seminar, which is tailored to groups of men and/or women. Our image consultants can also assist in Executive Style Coaching, in which we give individual employees a professional makeover.

Are you a clothing brand, store or boutique? Real Life Style provides Retail Consulting, educating either store employees or customers with style tips or current trends.


The Wear Your Power Style Seminar

Lani designed her Wear Your Power presentation to help working women feel more confident and powerful in the workplace, while staying true to their unique style personalities. After receiving such positive feedback from different women’s groups, she has expanded her presentation to include men’s style information as well.

“The ‘Wear Your Power’ presentation Lani gave to the women attorneys at my law firm was chock full of useful ideas and information. She oriented us to ‘why’ what we wear at work matters with a conversation around confidence, and before long, we were digging into identifying our style types and power colors. Lani is an engaging presenter, who offered our lawyers practical solutions to our daily wardrobe dilemmas. We all walked away with new ideas – and had fun in the process!”

– Lori Mihalich-Levin, Dentons Public Policy


“Lani’s Wear Your Power presentation was a great fashion overview for our diverse set of young consultants. Within our professional services environment, we dress casually day-to-day, but have to be business formal at the drop of a hat! She and her team gave us some great ideas about how to have a versatile wardrobe that conveys confidence and charisma, and what our must-have items should be. It was such a fun experience, and so helpful!”

-K.D., Price Waterhouse Coopers

The hour-long presentation covers three main topics:

Can You Define Your Style? Fashion is a primary form of self-expression. Lani helps participants identify their personal style and navigate how to bring their style to the workplace.

What’s Your Power Color? Everyone has a color that makes them look their best and feel their most confident. Lani helps participants identify their power colors.

5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Office Wardrobe: Lani covers the five most important elements every working man or woman needs in their closet (or at their desk).

A few of the companies that have hosted the Wear Your Power seminar include:

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Lani’s warm personality and years of experience dressing working women make her the perfect person to tackle the challenges of office style. As an entrepreneur and mother of two, she knows first-hand the day-to-day struggles working women face and hopes to use her skills as an image consultant to make life a little easier for other women.


Executive Style Coaching

Lani Inlander: Executive Style Coaching and Corporate image consultant

Do you have an employee with executive potential but an image problem? Are you already using executive development coaching to reward and encourage your high achievers? Consider adding a professional image consultation into the mix.

Corporate executives will work one-on-one with professional DC stylists on their wardrobes and workplace image. These image consultations will teach executives how clothing shapes others’ perceptions of their abilities, skills and management style. They will learn how their personal style can impact their effectiveness in the workplace.

Style coaching teaches executives how to create crisp, attractive outfits that project confidence and accomplishment. Sessions also include strategies on how to look both authoritative and approachable.

Your image consultant will provide guidance on which outfits look best under podium and television lights as well. Wardrobe makeovers and personal shopping services are available as part of the Executive Style Coaching package.



Retail Consulting

Have a Real Life Style personal stylist come to your store to educate your customers or your employees. Our stylists are knowledgeable about current trends, body-type dressing, and other styling expertise that they have gained from years of experience shopping around the nation.

Other retail projects Lani has worked on include:

  • National mall tours
  • Fashion show styling and emceeing
  • In-store style presentations
  • Reviews of new trends in clothing
  • And more!

A few of our past retail partners:

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