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5 Must-Have Pieces for Your Work Wardrobe

If you work in an office, this is a blog to which you should pay special attention. Every professional wardrobe needs these 5 essential pieces. Take stock in your closet. Do you have all 5 of these work wardrobe must-haves? If not, start clicking!

Happy Shopping!

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Your Power Color

Do you know what your power color is? We all have a color that makes us feel our best and garners the most compliments from others. You could get it in a blazer, a full suit, a blouse or a dress. Find it, buy it, work it. For more instructions on finding Your Power Color, stay tuned to the blog next week 🙂

Argent Coolmax Single Button Blazer in Cobalt, $328

Argent Cuffed Coolmax Trousers in Cobalt, $225


A Perfectly Tailored Trouser

Do you have a trouser that accents your best features down below? Is it perfectly tailored to your waist and your best-looking, most comfortable shoes? You need a pant that won’t let you down. It should pack well for business trips and be of a year-round, wrinkle-resistant fabric. Look for a fabric with some weight and stretch and buy the best pair you can afford. Better to have one perfect pair of trousers than 5 mediocre pairs. Trust me, no one will notice if you wear them 3x in one week. Don’t wear pants? The same principles can apply to a pencil skirt.


R Label Essential Trouser in Black, $145


A Comfortable Blazer

Cardigans do not project authority. Buy a blazer in a color that will match most of your wardrobe and that is comfortable enough to wear at your desk and on an airplane. Keep it on the back of your chair so that you are always prepared for a last-minute meeting with the boss or a client.


Argent Hunter Crossover Blazer, $328


Dress Shoes You Can Walk In

Every woman should have a shoe that she can comfortably wear to an all-day conference and while running from the airport straight into a meeting. Try a block heel or a small wedge to add height without losing stability. Want to keep your shoes looking good for as long as possible? Get them polished regularly and have the cobbler put rubber on the bottom of the front of the shoe and a heel protector in the back.


Cole Haan Justine 55 Block-Heel Pump in Black, $150 $105


A Lightweight, Structured Tote

Is your leather bag beautiful but already heavy before you add in your computer and files? The search for a professional, lightweight tote is well worth saving yourself from shoulder and back pain later. Materials to look for are leather, faux leather, and nylon.


Dagne Dover Classic Tote in Dagne Blue, $245


Lani Inlander is a personal stylist who has been working with clients who want to feel their best and look put-together every day for over 15 years. You can find her in the Washington, D.C. and New York metropolitan areas. Are you looking for professional training to be a personal stylist? Click here to learn how you can train with Lani at The Stylist Studio. 

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