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Your Wardrobe Workhorses: The Comfortable Blazer

Lately we’ve been hearing a familiar refrain from clients, they want to be comfortable. A lot of women have given up on blazers because they don’t think they can wear a blazer without feeling constricted in their movement or like they can’t wait to take it off. You just haven’t met the right blazer, we say. Everyone looks better in a jacket, and no one feels put together in a cardigan. You can quote me on that!

Please please please do yourself a favor and trade in at least one old ratty cardigan for one of these comfortable but chic blazers this week. Ok, maybe buy one jacket but give up two cardigans. That is how often you should be wearing a favorite, good quality blazer.

Happy Shopping!



If you’re looking for comfortable, easy care work clothes at a good price, Uniqlo is a one stop shop. They have ponte and stretch twill blazers for conservative work environments.

Uniqlo Women’s Ponte Collarless Jacket, $60


We used to recommend Talbots for our more classic style types, but recently they’ve come out with some very modern fabrics and cuts. Their easy travel fabric is a drapey, wrinkle resistant poly-blend that is machine washable. Their luxe Italian fabric is a high-quality structured ponte that glides over your body. They have also been releasing sweater blazers that we love for a more casual workplace.

Talbots Italian Luxe Knit Two Button Blazer, $279

Talbots Patch Pocket Sweater Blazer, $139


J.Crew has been synonymous with classic work wear for years. Recently, their biggest hit has been the Sophia sweater blazer, for it’s ability to pair with everything from jeans to trousers to skirts. They also carry many of their blazer styles in our favorite fabric: ponte.

J.Crew Going Out Blazer, $158

J.Crew Open Front Sweater Blazer, $148

Nic + Zoe

Nic+Zoe always has a variety of jackets that marry soft stretchy knits with structured silhouettes. They mix in fun colors and textures every season to add some variety to the line up.

Nic + Zoe Dive In Blazer, $198


We’ve been shopping NYDJ pants for years. Just recently, they launched a ponte blazer that we are obsessing over. Check the website for new patterns and colors. Now, they are a one-stop shop for women who just want to be comfortable at work.

NYDJ Ponte Knit Blazer, $129

NYDJ Stretch Linen Collarless Blazer, $129


Other brands may be making their own versions now, but there is no arguing that MM.LaFleur coined the term “jardigan.” We tell all women that instead of the pilled cardigan on the back of their chair at work, they should hang their jardigan. It is another piece that really works with dresses, skirts, and pants. MM. Lafleur now makes multiple versions so there is one that works for most women. If you’re looking for more structure, their blazers also mean business.

MM.LaFleur The Woolf Jardigan, $195

MM.LaFleur The Hoffman Blazer, $295

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone’s sweater blazers are like wearing a blanket. The Lexington blazer is a favorite of our clients for it’s soft felted wool and cool style.

Rag and Bone Lexington Blazer, $550

Rag and Bone Slade Blazer, $550


Majestic jackets are more for business casual/casual than a formal office environment. However, you can’t deny their coziness. They always make the terry fleece for the winter and then a stretchy linen for summer.

Majestic French Terry One-Button Blazer, $270

Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard’s scuba blazer is one of the best blazers money can buy. The fabric is super forgiving and wears like iron. Many of our clients have one in black and one in navy as their basic foundation jackets.

Veronica Beard Scuba Dickey Jacket, $600

Marie Saint Pierre

Found at the DC boutique Betsy Fisher, Marie Saint Pierre makes knit blazers that are to die for. As Betsy says, they are an investment in your professional development. You will feel like a million dollars in one of their jackets. Lani will let you try hers on too!

Marie Saint Pierre Anna Blazer, $1,130


Aday recently launched their suiting in wrinkle free, machine washable, stretchy fabric. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Aday Strategy Blazer, $235


Athleta is typically our go-to for very casual weekend clothing, but their Interstellar blazer goes to work. This is a favorite for sporty clients who want their clothing to be functional and put-together.

Athleta Interstellar Blazer, $198

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Lani Inlander is a personal stylist who has been working with clients who want to feel their best and look put-together every day for over 20 years. You can find her in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Learn how you can train with Lani and Kyle to become a personal stylist at The Stylist Studio

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