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Charm Necklaces for Valentine’s Day

Charm necklaces are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Self-gifted, given by a significant other, family member or friend, you are sure to find the perfect charm necklace from our list. Let us know in the blog comments below which charm necklaces you like best!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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CatBird, a Brooklyn, New York based boutique, has the cutest, teensy-tiny charms! The best part about CatBird is their completely customizable charm necklaces or bracelets with either three, five, or seven charms attached. CatBird also has a few select charms that are customizable. The Tiniest Key Charm in Silver or The Smallest Love Letter Charm would make the perfect personalized, sentimental Valentine’s gifts.

Charm Necklaces for Valentine's Day

CatBird Personalized Five Charm Necklace, starting at $148
CatBird Personalized Seven Charm Necklace, starting at $148

CatBird Flower Garland Alphabet Charm, $98
CatBird Teardrop Pearl Charm, $176
CatBird Tiniest Basket Charm, $128
CatBird Tiny Wine Bottle Charm, $198
CatBird Tiniest Key Charm, $38 in Silver, $88 in Yellow Gold
CatBird Water Lily Poem Charm, $178
CatBird Silver Snake Pendant, $84

Clare V

Clare V has a limited selection of vintage inspired, gold-plated charms. This is one of the most original charm necklace chains we’ve seen. Our favorite is the mini loafer, perfect for wearing with your own chic loafers!

Charm Necklaces for Valentine's Day

Clare V Book Chain Necklace, $125
Clare V Paperclip Charm Chain, $145

Clare V Lips Charm, $55
Clare V Mushroom Charm, $55
Clare V La Tropezienne Charm, $55
Clare V La Gemme Charm, $55
Clare V La Clé Charm, $55
Clare V Padlock Locket Charm, $65
Clare V Loafer Charm, $55
Clare V Alphabet Charm, $45

Haricot Vert

If you’re looking for a completely unique, one-of-a-kind charm necklace, you will love the Brooklyn based small-business, Haricot Vert! Their “Dear Diary” Charmie Necklace uses a mix of vintage charms and handmade picto-charms made from found images, polymer, and resin and can be made in gold or silver. You choose from their unreal selection of crazy, delightful charms, and they create your custom necklace in 6-8 weeks. You can also create single charm necklaces this must-see site.

Haricot Vert “Dear Diary” Charmie Necklace, $298-$388

Hart Jewelry

Hart Jewelry is based in Charleston, South Carolina. The Hart Jewelry website is THE BEST for creating a completely customizable charm necklace in minutes using their Charm Builder. We’re also obsessed with their MAMA collection which celebrates motherhood in their designs, including matching bracelets for the kids! You’ll being hearing about Hart Jewelry again in a few months for Mother’s day… Keep in mind Hart Jewelry’s items are all gold-plated rather than solid gold.

Hart Jewelry Gold-Filled Chunky Chain, $225

Hart Jewelry Small Radiant Mama Heart Charm, $85
Hart Jewelry Bird Charm, $50
Hart Jewelry Scorpio Zodiac Charm, $50
Hart Jewelry Puffy Letters A-Z Charms, $35
Hart Jewelry Cracked Heart Charm (Small), $80
Hart Jewelry Heart of Gold Charm, $95
Hart Jewelry Love & Fear Coin, $75
Hart Jewelry Rock On Charm, $55
Hart Jewelry Protection Eye Charm, $95
Hart Jewelry Small Bee Charm, $30


KatMojo offers over 200 different charms on their website, with prices ranging from $20 for Letter Block Charms to $995 for a Magical Tarot Card Charm. They also carry beaded gemstone necklaces with the open loop style for charms if you are looking for a more colorful necklace option.

KatMojo Open Loop Ombré Carnelian Necklace, $98
KatMojo Open Loop Medium Paper Clip Chain, $115
KatMojo Bubble Opal Open Loop Necklace, $458
KatMojo Open Loop Fancy Link Chain, $77

KatMojo Ocean Love Pearl Pendant, $798
KatMojo Magical Tarot Card Charm, $995
KatMojo Rue Eye Charm, $245
KatMojo Golden Initial Charm, $185
KatMojo Circle of Light Pendant, $178
KatMojo Sunburst Heart, $642
KatMojo Vintage Scorpio Charm, $582

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca has a more limited selection than other brands on this list, but their gold-plated brass charms are so adorable (and affordable)! The “I Love You” Postcard Charm is perfect for Valentine’s day and is featured in their pre-designed LF Charm Necklace with all of their favorite charms.

Lingua Franca Charm Necklace, $175
Lingua Franca Paper Clip Chain, $75

Lingua Franca “I Love You” Postcard Charm, $25
Lingua Franca Scissors Charm, $15
Lingua Franca Ruler Charm, $25
Lingua Franca Matchstick Charm, $15
Lingua Franca Cowrie Shell Charm, $15
Lingua Franca Initial Charm, $60
Lingua Franca Dice Charm, $5

Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann’s “Design Your Own” charm necklaces are completely customizable, and unlike other brands on this list, they carry a wide variety of different necklaces as the base. There are simple chains with affordable options, such as the 18″ or 22″ Sterling Silver, and more high end options, such as the 18″ or 22″ 18K Yellow Gold, plus more unique chains, like the 18″ Chain Necklace with Diamonds, or the 18″ Garnet Chain Necklace for a pop of color.

Monica Rich Kosann 18″ “Design Your Own” Short Charm Chain Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold, $2,400
Monica Rich Kosann 18″ “Design Your Own” Garnet Charm Chain Necklace, $2,100
Monica Rich Kosann 18″ “Design Your Own” Short Charm Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver, $225

Monica Rich Kosann Red Carnelian Heart Charm with Rubies in 18K Yellow Gold, $1,365
Monica Rich Kosann “Queen Bee” Charm with Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold, $1,075
Monica Rich Kosann “Queen Bee” Charm with Sapphires in Sterling Silver, $180
Monica Rich Kosann The Four Image “Midi” Locket Charm with Sapphires in Sterling Silver, $385
Monica Rich Kosann Sun, Moon, and Stars Medallion with Sapphires in Sterling Silver, $315
Mini “Apollo” Sterling Silver Charm with Sapphires, $125

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader sells a great mix of very elegant silver and gold charms, and many are engravable or have protective meaning. We particularly love the Heart Locket with complementary engraving, plus it’s available in both sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil. Monica Vinader also priorities sustainability and ethical production by using 100% recycled silver and gold, responsibly sourcing gemstones, and making their designs traceable.

Monica Vinader Paperclip Chain Necklace Adjustable, $175 in Sterling Silver and $195 in 18k Gold Vermeil

Monica Vinader Keshi Pearl Pendant Charm, $115
Monica Vinader Siren Medium Bezel Pendant Charm in 18K Gold Vermeil, $95
Monica Vinader St Christopher Pendant Charm in Sterling Silver, $115
Monica Vinader Riva Hoop Diamond Pendant Charm in Sterling Silver, $225
Monica Vinader Goddess Coin Pendant Charm, $135
Monica Vinader Heart Locket in Sterling Silver, $160
Monica Vinader Heart Locket in 18K Gold Vermeil, $175

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