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Designer at Home

What’s even better than designer clothes? Designer home accessories and furniture! Why? Because they always fit, of course!

My love for Liberty of London has been well-documented on the blog, so you can imagine my excitement when my mother emailed me the announcement about the new Liberty London home line for Anthropologie. I’m particularly lusting after anything in the Strawberry Thief pattern because it isn’t quite so flower-y. Do you think Mr. Real Life Style would mind if we replaced our dining chairs with these? Maybe for my birthday (hint hint)?

We also have picks for you from the Kate Spade and Gucci (just released!) home lines. Did you know Kate Spade made rugs and tables? They are so cute. Another chair I’d love to have is the Gucci Wood Chair with Embroidered Bee, but, at $2,600, it will probably remain on my wish list! Which designer home piece is your favorite?

Do you already have some (fashion) designer home pieces? We have Vera Wang for Wedgwood china to mix in the with the family Wedgwood china, but I think that’s it…so far!

Happy Shopping!

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Liberty for Anthropologie

Liberty for Anthropologie Strawberry Thief Bixby Chair, $1,198


Liberty for Anthropologie Tamsin Dining Table, $398

Liberty for Anthropologie Tamsin Dining Chairs, $128 each

Liberty for Anthropologie Mugs, $16 each


Liberty for Anthropologie Feather Bloom Edlyn Sofa, $2,798

Liberty for Anthropologie Feather Bloom Edlyn Cocktail Ottoman, $948

Liberty for Anthropologie Feather Fan Edlyn Bed, $2,498–$2,798


Liberty for Anthropologie Embroidered Feather Bloom Euro Sham, $58



Kate Spade New York

kate spade new york Poppies Writing Your Own Rules Pillow, $90

kate spade new york Keaton Bouquet Table Lamp, $580

kate spade new york Sketch Rug in Cream, $500-$700

kate spade new york Davenport Lounge Chair, $2,870

kate spade new york Quill Pillow, $109

kate spade new york Downing Desk, $3,365

kate spade new york Ellery Side Table, $2,125



Gucci Décor

Gucci Star Eye Medium Round Metal Tray, $690

Gucci Wood Chair with Embroidered Spaniel, $2,600

Gucci Pineapple Three Panel Screen, $25,000

Gucci Velvet Cushion with Angry Cat Embroidery, $1,650

Gucci Kingsnake Oval Metal Tray, $1,150

Gucci Wood Chair with Embroidered Bee, $2,600

Gucci Herbosum, Herbarium Butterfly Candle, $450



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