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Check out the new Real Life Style Gift Certificate! Thank you to the talented Emily Brickel!


Can style really be gifted? Not all of us are born knowing how to put together a well-coordinated wardrobe. Not all women like to shop, or care to use their limited time this way.  There is no need to keep living with the frustration of a closet and wardrobe that don’t work for you. Do your clothes reflect your personal style? Can you get dressed (well) in 5 minutes or less every morning? Would you be prepared if someone invited you to a fabulous event at the last minute or your boss asked you to present to the board tomorrow morning? Do you want to look and feel put together every day? You are not alone in this endeavor! The Real Life Style team is here to help you become the best-dressed version of you ever. A gift of our services is truly a gift of style, confidence and peace of mind.

Buy your wife, daughter,  mother, sister, or best friend the gift that will save them time, money, effort and angst for years to come. You can also forward this email to your husband as a hint! Purchase a gift certificate before Dec 25, 2014 and receive one bonus hour for every 4 hours purchased. Real Life Style’s rates will increase in 2015 for the first time in over 5 years. All gift certificates purchased at 2014 rates before Dec 31, 2014 will be good through Dec 31, 2015.

Gift Certificate Packages include:

The Closet Makeover– Do you approach your closet each morning with a sense of dread? Transform your closet into a style sanctuary as RLS works with you to evaluate, edit, and organize each item that you own. You’ll get a fresh perspective, clean closet that allows you to see what you own, and a system to maintain it. You’ll also receive a Personalized Style Report with a future-purchase wish list, store recommendations, and your own fashion formula—what cuts, styles and colors look best on you—enabling you to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Shop Your Closet– Do you have a closet full of clothes you love but can’t move beyond your stable of old standby looks and make the most of what you own (or just purchased). After completing the Closet Makeover, RLS will document all your outfits in a personal look book (accessible on your phone and tablet), so that you have a go-to reference guide for the optimal combinations of clothes and accessories that work for you. RLS will mix and match your items, increasing the number of outfits at your fingertips, so you can get dressed, stress free, in five minutes flat every day.

The Complete Transformation– Have you neglected your wardrobe for over 5 years? Have you had children or gone through other size or career changes that have left you with a closet of irrelevant clothes? Begin with the Closet Makeover, then let RLS insure you find the pieces that make you look good in an environment that is comfortable for you. Meet us in your favorite store, shop online, or sit back as we bring a rack of individually selected clothes to your home. After Shopping the Stores, RLS will document all your outfits in a personal look book (accessible on your phone and tablet), so so you can get dressed, stress free, in five minutes flat every day.

Want to find out more or purchase a gift certificate for someone you love? Email me at and RLS will take care of the whole thing!


Happy Holidays!

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