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7 Things to Do for Yourself: A Mother’s Day Guide, 2015

I’m doing things a little differently around here this year. This Mother’s Day I’m talking about all the things you should do for yourself. Of course, if someone in your life happens to see this blog and get an idea of something to give you, that’s just a bonus!

1. Give yourself a break!

mothers day gift mismatched shoes

Alexandra Hughes’ blog post this week, Savoring Scruffy: Letting Imperfection Become Your Perfect, was in perfect line with my recent thoughts on such topics as always having a clean, neat house and the kids having perfect diets. Nice ideas in thought, but not so easy in practice when there are other things to do, like working and taking care of the children. Give yourself the gift of reading this blog by a life coach specializing in the unique needs of mothers. I promise you will have an easier time giving yourself a break afterwards. (And you’ll give me a break when you see my kids in mismatched, stained outfits!)



2. Read this book

mothers day gift brigid schulte

Some of you may have already read my “pre-book review” blog about my new favorite book, Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time, by Brigid Schulte. Although I have not published my actual review, here is my brief opinion: Every mother should read this book. I now know that I’m not crazy and contrary to my previous belief, my experience as a working mother is not unique at all! As I keep telling everyone who will listen, this book put words to my life. And now I know that I’m not alone in my constant state of crazy 🙂



3. Buy Yourself Some Handcrafted Chocolate

mothers day gift coco chocolate

Dear Coco Premium Chocolate Truffles, $25.50 for 12 pieces

These are some of the best chocolates I’ve had. For May, Dear Coco’s truffles of the month is inspired by a special bouquet for mom. Half the truffles are Provence Lavender flavored, with lavender oil, dark chocolate, and dried lavender flower buds. The other half are Persian Carpet Ride flavored, with natural rosewater, dark chocolate, and roasted pistachio. This is local to the DC area and made by a fellow mom!



4. Dip Into the Fountain of Youth

mothers day gift bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, $62

This is what I have begun calling youth in a bottle. After attending a Bobbi Brown event with Rosa this Saturday, both Kyle and I got a sample of their newest foundation formula. Serum, coverage that makes skin look perfect but still like your skin, and SPF 40, what more could you want? This is definitely going to be my next foundation…



5. Pamper Thyself

mothers day gift varnish lane

Varnish Lane Gift Certificate

After Kyle and I did a little “consumer research” at Varnish Lane, I cannot say enough great things about the new Friendship Heights nail salon. Their signature waterless manicures and pedicures are safer and just as great, if not better, than traditional water-filled tubs and bowls. Their nail polish choices range from Essie and Opi to Chanel and Louboutin. Not to mention, my gel manicure WILL NOT COME OFF! My nails are so awful that usually even the gel is chipped and gone in a matter of days. This one stayed on for a full two weeks. It’s a must try for all my D.C. readers.



6. Get Yourself a Little Bling

mothers day gift stella and dot

Stella and Dot Signature Engravable Bar Necklace, $59

Stella and Dot make my favorite engravable necklaces. I am not a fan of most “mom necklaces”. These are actually cool and there is room for multiple initials for each of your kids or you can use their date of birth.



7. Look and Feel Put Together Every Day

mothers day gift real life style

A Real Life Style Gift Certificate

Real Life Style is a personal styling service that is tailored to mothers. We live to make mom’s lives easier! For Mother’s Day we’re offering a new client special. With every gift certificate purchased, our client will receive a box of 50 of our favorite hangers. Hint: forward this email to your significant other!



Happy Mother’s Day!

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Lani Inlander is a personal stylist, working with women who want to feel their best and look put-together every day. You can find her in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York areas.

You can find Lani Inlander and Real Life Style on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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