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The RLS Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Ahh…the age old question: What to get Dad for Father’s Day? Is a tie too predictable? Does he even have enough French cuff shirts for one more pair of cuff-links? Fancy brunch is nice but not when you have small children waiting impatiently for their food or cartoons on your iPhone or just to leave. Here are some of my favorite ideas for Father’s Day gifts this year. My favorite idea is actually the edible one because it is the time together which counts most. Have a wonderful day and Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads in my life!

Date Night with a Man Sundae

What is a “Man Sundae?” One that involves bourbon, of course! The Maker’s Mark cherries and Cherry Republic Cherry Fudge Sauce are long-time faves of mine but the Bourbon Vanilla ice cream is a recent Whole Foods discovery. The bourbon flavors of the cherries and ice cream are subtle enough that a non-drinker like me can enjoy it as well as someone who is as big a fan of bourbon as my husband.

I like this mini date-night idea because it does not involve a meal out that is hard to enjoy while taking care of the kids or hiring a babysitter. Put the kids to bed, order takeout, make sundae in 5 minutes. Your husband will be happy and there won’t even be many dishes to do.


Image from




Steve’s Ice Cream Small batch Bourbon Vanilla – $10
You can find this at Whole Foods!



Maker’s Mark Bourbon Flavored Cherries – $10.95 



Cherry Republic Cherry Fudge Sauce – $7.95




“How many wallets does a man need?” you ask. Only one if it is this single sleeve wallet that is as cool as it is practical. Most men carry only a few credit cards (love that this pic shows a NYC Metrocard!), a little cash, and their phone. This wallet is just as small as it needs to be.


Spencer Single Slash Wallet Winter Session – $70




There’s a watch, and then there is a watch with a “story”. Shinola is a Detroit, Michigan based brand that exists to provide quality Made-in-America products and employment in an economically depressed city. Read more about Shinola in an interview on


Shinola The Brakeman – $625



Custom Suit

Let’s be honest. Most men wouldn’t know a well-fitting suit if they bumped into it. However, once they experience the fit and flattery of a custom suit, they will have a hard time going back to one of those chain stores. J. Hilburn uses the same fabric and factories as a lot of their designer counterparts, but without the designer price tag. My husband and clients are big fans.

j hilburn suit

J. Hilburn Custom Suit Jacket




Warby Parker burst onto the scene as a hip alternative to astronomically priced prescription eyeglasses. Originally an online only venture, the brand now has multiple retail locations across the country. Want to feel even better about looking cool and saving money? Warby Parker gives a pair of eyeglasses to a person in need every time you purchase a pair.


Warby Parker Watts Newsprint Grey – $95

Or you can give a Warby Parker Gift Card in either a conventional card or e-card




A tie too typical for your man? How about a denim tie with little bicycles on it? For the hipster dad or the dad who could use a little hip in his life, give him a whimsical, unexpected tie. We are fond of the camo and skull and crossbones designs in our house! Tie Bar allows you to indulge your whimsy for not much.


The Tie Bar Bicycle Chambray Dark blue – $15

The website gives you the option to see how a tie looks against different shirt and jacket combos! Very cool.


Do you have some great ideas too? Post them on my Facebook page!

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