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The Sky When You Were Born

Do you know your sexy color? Would you like someone to tell you? Rose Theodora will tell you. She will also tell you why you wear the colors that you do (and guess what they are without your telling her first!), and which colors are restorative and transformative for you.

Rose knew, just by my birth time and date, that my best colors (the ones that make me FEEL the best) are Army Green and Burgundy. Her reading also told me about my potential, my hang ups, and why my Twenties sucked, all according to my birth chart. She was spot on and gave me insight into myself that a therapist could not even get close to in the hour we spoke on the phone.

And the best part? It was really fun! I was initially intrigued to speak to her about a client who is particularly obsessed with one color. Then it occurred to me that I should ask her why I’ve purchased 7 tops in Chartreuse green over the last 18mths. Turns out Chartreuse is my “home office” color, and I began buying it when I created a new home office. Who knew one had a home office color?

For the skeptics out there, I am not talking about the kind of astrology that tells you when you are going to get a promotion or find the man of your dreams. This is the real deal; who you are based on your birth time and date. All clients start with a basic Natal reading, but can add on Color and Personal Style, among other options.

Can you guess my money and career color? Purple, of course.

Want your own reading? Contact Rose to make an appointment for yourself or as a gift before September 15th, and she will give you a free Color reading (a $36 value) when you add it on to a Natal chart reading ($180). I am hooked and fully intend to buy myself a birthday reading every year! In the meantime, shop our favorite astrology shoes by Charlotte Olympia and a fun color book!

P.S. If you are in Chicago this weekend, don’t miss Rose at the Birchbox Pop-up on Michigan Avenue!

small first name

fortune telling book of color

Fortune-Telling Book of Colors, $7.50



charlotte olympia astrological flats 2

Charlotte Olympia Virgo Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Taurus Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Pisces Birthday Shoes, $695


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Charlotte Olympia Sagittarius Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Capricorn Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Libra Birthday Shoes, $695


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Charlotte Olympia Leo Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Aries Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Cancer Birthday Shoes, $695


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Charlotte Olympia Aquarius Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Gemini Birthday Shoes, $695

Charlotte Olympia Scorpio Birthday Shoes, $695


Lani Inlander is a personal stylist, working with clients who want to feel their best and look put-together every day. You can find her in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York areas.

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