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“Before Lani I wasted so much time and money on clothes that didn’t flatter me or reflect my personal style. I now feel relaxed and confident that I have great fitting and appropriate options in my wardrobe for the everyday as well as every event.”

Stay-at-Home Mother of Two

Do you avoid social gatherings because you don’t know what to wear? Are you the partner or friend who takes so long to get dressed, you’re late to the event? Are you a mom looking to get your groove back but not sure where to start or how to dress your new body?

Trust the personal stylists at Real Life Style to get your wardrobe in order and take the thought-process out of getting dressed. We can make your morning routine simple and enjoyable. Our DC fashion experts will work with you to create a personal style that fits your life and makes you feel confident.

Every wardrobe makeover follows Real Life Style’s 5 phase process:

Phase 1.
The Appraisal

This is the start of our collaborative process with you. Speak with one of Real Life Style’s DC fashion experts to discuss your daily clothing needs, the result you are looking to achieve from your work with a fashion consultant, and receive a customized cost and time estimate for the wardrobe makeover. We are here to solve your style problems and take all fashion related tasks off your to-do list.

Phase 2.
The Wardrobe Makeover

The Real Life Style wardrobe makeover is the most efficient way to get the closet of which you’ve always dreamed. Your personal stylist will work with you to evaluate, edit, and organize each item in your wardrobe. You’ll get a fresh perspective, a clean closet, and a sustainable organizational system.

After the wardrobe makeover, your stylist will provide you with a personalized Style Report that outlines your custom fashion formula – the cuts, styles, and colors which look best on you – enabling you to take your wardrobe to the next level.

‣ Your personal stylist will advise you with a completely honest and non-judgmental attitude, providing you with a non-biased and trustworthy opinion on your clothing.

‣ We handle donations, consignments, tailoring, dry-cleaning, shoe repair, and jewelry repair, so you are left with as little of the annoying details as possible.

Phase 3.
Personal Shopping

Whether you hate shopping or make expensive mistakes, using a professional stylist for personal shopping is an efficient use of time and money. Our fashion consultants will make sure you find the pieces that suit your personal style and are appropriate for your lifestyle.

Meet us in your favorite store, shop online, or sit back as we bring a rack of individually selected clothing to your home.

‣ You will never have to search through endless racks of clothing again. We use your personalized Style Report to curate a selection of items in your best shapes and colors before you arrive at the appointment. All you have to do is try on the clothing we hand you.

‣ Our stylists pride themselves on utilizing a vast number of fashion resources here in DC and in NYC, so that you find exactly what you need and makes you feel confident.

‣ We enjoy finding an eclectic mix of clothing at online stores and independent boutiques, as we are not only able to support our favorite local businesses, but our clients are able to stand out among their peers with a unique, incomparable style.

Phase 4.
Shop Your Closet

Never say, “I don’t know what to wear” again. Move beyond your stable of old standby looks and find new power outfits for every lifestyle situation.

With your taste and lifestyle in mind, Real Life Style documents your outfits in a personal look book, so that you have a go-to reference guide for the optimal combinations of clothes and accessories that work for your personal style. You will be able to get dressed, stress-free, in five minutes flat every day.

‣ Your stylist will give you a range of options for each outfit, for all the different facets of your daily life. Whether you need comfortable but cute walking shoes, wash and wear clothes for day, or go-to date-night looks, we will show you the optimal combinations for each look.

‣ Have trouble accessorizing? We will tell you exactly which necklace pairs with which top, which purse matches which shoes, and combine it all into multiple put-together and well-styled outfits.

Phase 5.
Complete Your Style Evolution

Refine your wardrobe as new styles hit the stores. You’ll benefit from our DC stylists’ fall and spring style guides that walk you through how to apply the season’s trends to your real life.

Learn how adding a few select items can keep your clothing looking current and fresh without starting from scratch.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of fashion, travel, and shopping tips through the Real Life Style weekly blog subscription so that you can look, shop, and feel your best all year long.

Not sure which look for an important meeting or occasion? Real Life Style is only an email away and is happy to provide complementary guidance for their clients.