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“I was honestly blown away with all the really good info last night. I have so many beautiful scarves I forgot about. I have been in my closet all day. It’s time for a reassessment. I’m feeling good. Thanks so much!”

Attendee of “3 Steps to Looking and Feeling Put-Together”


personal style talksPrivate Style Talks offer style instruction in a relaxed and social atmosphere. Filled with personal advice and helpful fashion tips, they are a great activity for clubs, mothers’ groups, synagogues, churches, bachelorette parties, and other small or large groups.

Choose from the Style Talks below or contact Real Life Style to design your own.

3 Steps to Looking and Feeling Put-Together Everyday

Does your closet need help? Short on time to fix it? In this seminar, Lani will give you the toolkit to edit and organize your closet, create a targeted shopping list, and make the purchases you need. Then, she’ll share personal tips on how and where to shop for pieces that will extend your current wardrobe, saving you time and money.

During this style talk, you will:

  • Learn which items to keep, toss or fix in your closet
  • Understand how to dress your unique body type
  • Decide what your daily ‘uniform’ should be

Seasonal Trend Talk

What’s in, and what works for you? In this seminar, Lani will review current fashion trends and show you how you can integrate them into your own wardrobe. She’ll also answer style questions and give you plenty of new ideas about what to wear. Walk away with a fresh perspective on this season’s style and your own trend book!

During this style talk, you will:

  • Receive a copy of Real Life Style’s exclusive seasonal trend book
  • Determine which of the upcoming season’s trends are right for you

8 Items Every Mom Must Have

Think you have no style or don’t have enough time to be “stylish”? Au Contraire! At the end of the night you’ll have discovered the perfect items to help you feel confident and put-together. Lani will provide her expertise on where you can buy the items you need and how to style the items to fit your body and your personal tastes.

During this style talk, you will:

  • Learn which items have become motherhood lifesavers for Lani and her clients
  • Receive tips on how to style and where to buy your 8 items

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