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Stylist Studio’s Introductory Training is an intensive and interactive training workshop for up-and-coming personal stylists.  This 2-day professional development program equips participants with the skills to work one-on-one with clients and set up a personal styling business.

What if someone gave you a road map so that you could fast forward through the first 5 years of mistakes, trials, and tribulations in your personal styling business without having to deal with most of them? What if someone let you in on how to start your own styling business and kept you from making the major mistakes most stylists make when they are starting out? We can and we will in our 2-day intensive introductory training program. Oh, and we will also give you the road map in a comprehensive training manual you get to take home at the end of the weekend.

Your health and safety are our top priority. We are currently conducting Stylist Studio trainings as one-on-one or curated small group sessions. If you are interested in training to becoming a professional personal stylist, please fill out our contact form to speak personally with one of our trainers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stylist Studio was co-created by Lani Inlander, the chief stylist of Real Life Style, in 2016. Lani has more than 20 years of experience in fashion and personal styling, helping hundreds of clients in DC, New York, and across the country look and feel their best.  Real Life Style is recognized as one of DC’s best personal styling firms.  Fellow stylist Kyle Dunphy, Lani’s fashion partner-in-crime at Real Life Style for 9 years, co-teaches this Introductory Training.

This program was created to help the scores of men and women seeking to follow in Lani and Kyle’s footsteps and become successful personal stylists and image consultants. Student stylists receive hands-on training at DC’s leading retailers, providing access to top designers and relationships with stores.

Stylist Studio’s Introductory Training consists of three modules to help you launch your stylist business: How to Style Women, Clients and Services, and The Business of Personal Styling.

Trainees also review business development basics to help answer the following questions:

  • How do you develop your services and reputation?
  • How do you identify and connect with your ideal client?
  • How do you market your services?
  • How much should you charge?
  • How has technology changed the industry/job?

Students receive a Stylist Studio training manual, which gives program graduates a reference guide to move forward towards pursuing a career in personal styling and image consulting.

Most personal styling training programs have moved exclusively online. Lani and Kyle have seen the magic that happens when women learn together in a room, surrounded by real life clothes and real life stylists and look forward to sharing this experience. They believe that the best way to learn is with other women to practice their styling skills on, learning from both the trainers and one another in each exercise. No online program can match this hands-on, high-touch, intensive learning experience.


If you are ready to apply or would like more information on the Stylist Studio introductory training program, please please complete this registration form. You will then be contacted by a Stylist Studio trainer. Once accepted, registrants can pay the full amount at once or pay in installments. Trainees will be added to the student roster after receipt of the first non-refundable $397.00 payment.

Cost: $2997.00

Initial Deposit: $397.00

Final Payment Due: 2 weeks before training date

Registered trainees who refer an additional trainee that registers will receive a $100 credit. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Lani at

Our Past Trainees​

I’m Jane Omohundro, Certified Image & Life Coach at Jane O. Coaching.  I help women move from a place of hopelessness and frustration to excitement and connection in the way they dress, love, and date.

My belief is you don’t have to go looking outward for that authentic love and style you desire and deserve.  Finding the love of your life AND a style that illuminates your inner and outer beauty starts with finding the deep well of love that lives within you.  I empower you to see your love life and your personal style as something you can create.

On my journey to building this life, I had the great pleasure to attend Stylist Studio, which equipped me with the knowledge to support women in creating an image and style that reveals their true selves, whether that’s fierce, professional, fun, edgy or all of the above.  Through my experience with Lani and Kyle, I not only received the text book understanding of personal style but also the invaluable hands-on experience which their training provides.”

I’m Marissa Baccam, Stylist Assistant at DC Style Factory. When I saw that Stylist Studio would be hosting another round of training, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from DC’s top stylists.

Despite having a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a background in retail, I learned so much during the Stylist Studio weekend, not just about what it takes to become a personal stylist, but what it takes to be a small business owner. It was the best investment I could have made in myself! Just a few months after completing the training, I landed a Stylist Assistant position with DC Style Factory.

As a Stylist Assistant, I’m able to flex my creative muscles and really implement the knowledge I gained during the two day intensive. Whether it’s editing our clients’ wardrobes, providing clothing recommendations, or entertaining our clients’ playful pets during audits, I absolutely love every part of the “job”.”

Our Intensive Training Programs

Stylist Studio also offers three intensive courses to graduates of the Introductory Workshop that further the participants’ personal styling education. These Intensive Workshops focus in detail on the three stages of a complete wardrobe overhaul, during which students will be able to execute their styling knowledge with a single client.

1. Closet Review Intensive 

Together, we will transform the client’s closet into a style sanctuary as we evaluate, edit, and organize each item in her wardrobe. Students will learn:

  • How to speak to a client about her clothing and shopping
  • What questions to ask the client during the closet review
  • How to provide recommendations for each garment in her closet
  • How to create a personalized style report

2. Personal Shopping Intensive

Lani and Kyle meet the students in a store to pre-shop for the client. The client will join us and together we will try on and purchase the clothing chosen by the students. Students will learn:

  • How to choose which stores to visit with a client​
  • What to look for when pulling from a store
  • How to create and manage relationships with store employees
  • How to advise a client on which pieces to buy while respecting her budget

3. Outfit Creation Intensive

We meet back in the client’s closet to finalize her new look and create outfits tailored to her lifestyle. Students will learn:

  • How to optimize a client’s clothing combinations in an organized manner
  • How to pair clothing and accessories, allowing the client to feel both comfortable and confident
  • How to document her outfits in a personalized look book

The price of each Intensive Course is $400 per participant.

“Thank you again for another wonderful training. I got so much out of yesterday.  Being able to get out of the classroom setting and actually work in a closet was so very invaluable.”

– Closet Review Intensive Trainee

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