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Lani Inlander

At age 11, Lani was being mistaken for a salesperson by other customers as she would bring clothes back and forth to the fitting room for her mother and twin sister. Her precociousness notwithstanding, this was the beginning of a long career as a personal stylist/ fashion-guru/ client-cheerleader.

Lani Inlander has been helping clients look and feel their best for over 20 years. Her fashion expertise has been featured in In StyleNew York Magazine, The Washington Post, and Washingtonian. She has styled segments for major television programs, including Oprah Winfrey and The View. Lani is deeply passionate about empowering clients through fashion and helping them find clothing and accessories that fit their figures, suit their style, and boost their confidence. A Chicago native and graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, Lani lives with her husband and two sons in Washington, DC.

Kyle developed a sense of fashion early as her parents’ senses of style are legendary. Her father founded trendy boutique “Up Against the Wall” with his college frat brother in the 1970s, bringing the new and daring low-rise jeans to the streets of DC. There he eventually met her mother, who worked at the boutique as a sales associate. While her parents eventually moved away from the fashion industry, Kyle followed in their footsteps and began working at Up Against the Wall at 16.

From her experience at her retail jobs, Kyle learned how to graciously pair high-end fashion with more affordable pieces. She has continued to apply this styling skill along with her thorough knowledge of clothing brands throughout her six years assisting clients at RLS. A graduate of American University in Public Relations and Marketing, Kyle is known for her social media prowess, sweet disposition, attention to detail, and tasteful nail designs.

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