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Seasonal Trends

Fall 2016 Accessory Trend: Guitar Strap Bags

  Oh my gosh I love this trend! Shopping for a bag used to be easier. You simply had to choose the handbag that best matched your wardrobe and style. Now, even your accessories have accessories. We covered the biggest bag accessories for spring with our blog posts, Does Your Purse Have Flair?,  featuring bag tassels and poufs, and Create Your Own Designer Handbag covering leather patches and stickers. For fall, the bag accessories trend includes embroidered and bedazzled shoulder straps. Do you like this trend? Should we do a follow up blog post with more affordable options? Let us know! You can either buy your bag with guitar-styled …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2016 Accessories Trend: Choker Necklaces

Top Left, Clockwise:  Lanvin  |  Valentino  |  Louis Vuitton  |  Nina Ricci . Yep, the whole Nineties choker thing is back. And yet somehow the designers made the look super chic, not oddly retro. We first saw the look in a recent issue of Vogue featuring IT girls Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailee Steinfeld, and Rihanna wearing their choker necklaces everywhere from the red carpet to the airport. While chokers have been fully embraced by trendy 20-somethings everywhere, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wearable past 30. The key is to go for simple and understated, with a little bit …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2016 Accessories Trend: White Hot Purses

Top Left, Clockwise:  Miu Miu  |  Christian Dior  |  Celine  |  Marc Jacobs . Handbags on the runway went two ways this spring: graphic maximalism or clean white. While I appreciate the whole “more is more” thing going on in fashion right now, there is something about the bright white that really draws me in. White purses are a great option for spring because they are impactful but also fresh and light for dresses and shorts outfits. Here are the three handbag shapes to look for in white this season. . After covering bows, ruffles, and lingerie as the top …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2016 Accessories Trend: Shoulder-Duster Earrings

Top Left, Clockwise: Oscar de la Renta  |  Celine  |  Emilio Pucci  |  Kenzo . Studs are timeless, but don’t get stuck in a routine. We love the giant earrings covering this spring’s runways. This trend is best for dinners and nights-out, but don’t be afraid to bring a pair into daylight. You can keep your outfit simple and make a statement with your earrings. . If you’re looking for a sophisticated take on the trend, go down Oscar de la Renta’s route with tassels. (For the record, we sold these to clients 2 years ago, when he was the …