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Style Inspiration

Finding My Post-40 Style

Now that I’m just 42, I thought I would finally get around to writing a blog on finding my post-40 style! As happens to a lot of people, my eyes went to pot as soon as I turned 40. And because I already had been wearing reading glasses since the seventh grade, my eyes went above and beyond until I actually required a prescription and an astigmatic correction for every single thing I do in life. Near, far, and reading all require a different prescription with no option of contacts. So that’s how glasses got added into my over-40 style …

Shopping Tips

Kyle Models Our Fave Israeli Designer!

This is what you need to know about Adi Yair’s clothes. The one piece I purchased from her when I met her in Israel on an Israel Fashion Tour with JWRP almost 2 years ago, is a long black vest that I knew would change my life (okay my wardrobe but same thing!). Adi actually had to make me one in the few days before I left in the country because the size I wanted had been grabbed by my fellow traveler, Rachelle Yadegar, a fashion blogger and designer with 25,000 Instagram followers. She also knew a perfect piece of clothing …