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Fashion Accessories

The New, Cool “It” Bag

“It” bags were out for awhile. Now they are back, but in a new, cooler fashion. Some of the coolest are by Joseph Altuzarra, a favorite fashion designer of the young, beautiful, international set. Mr. Altuzarra’s inspiration for the distinct braided leather trim was a bullwhip. And yes, there is a great story about when the fashion designer from New York called the gentleman somewhere out West to order a bullwhip for…fashion inspiration. This is why I love fashion. Happy Shopping! . .  Altuzarra Ghianda Knot Large Hobo, $2,695 . . Altuzarra Ghianda Knot Small Saddle Bag, $2,195 . . Altuzarra Ghianda …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2015 Trend #4: Glamorous in Gingham

Elle has already called gingham THE print of spring 2015.  If you liked my blog, “How to Wear Plaid Like a Grown-Up” from this past fall, then this is the trend for you! Similar to how it can be difficult to find a plaid flannel shirt that isn’t just for teenagers, gingham print needs to be worn in just the right way to keep the look sophisticated and chic. Here is how to do gingham without looking like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  . . 1. The Conservative Work Outfit While gingham may be a traditionally younger looking print, nothing about this look is …

Seasonal Trends

Kicking Off Spring 2015 Trend Month: The Seventies

Spring 2015: The Season of the Seventies . We are kicking off Real Life Style’s Spring 2015 Trend Month with THE trend of the season, The Seventies. This funky, free-spirited decade has been featured on the runway for multiple seasons in a row, but this year almost every spring trend can trace its roots back to the 1970’s. I’d also like to clarify, for all of you non-fashion industry peeps out there, that there are only two fashion season a year, spring and fall. Therefore, when i say spring I really mean spring and summer, and when I say fall, i mean …