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Another Dream Backpack

Are my readers sick of talking about my backpack lust yet? Not sure why I’m so obsessed with backpacks lately (see previous blog here). Oh wait, it is probably because they are in style and as a #momoftwoboys, I am always happy to have an extra hand. I saw this one in a magazine and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Burgundy leather (one of my love colors but we will talk about that in a later blog!) + sleek zippers + padded laptop pocket = perfection. In case you were wondering, I did buy the Everlane backpack, which was one …

Fashion Accessories

A New Backpack For Lani

This last trip to New York was so brief, I just couldn’t imagine dragging a rolling suitcase around with me for a 26 hour trip. The perfect solution? A backpack. “But wait, I don’t have a cute one,” I thought. I would have done some panic shopping but stopped myself with the same thought I always have about backpacks: as cute as they are, I don’t know if I will really use one. So I threw fashion to the wind and used my husband’s travel backpack from Osprey, which is part of a set we bought before a big trip …