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Shopping Tips

3 Steps to Business Casual Sanity for Men

After all these years of the world dressing business casual, we are still getting puzzled looks and desperate pleas for help from men when it comes to pulling together a business casual look, especially in our Wear Your Power presentations. Keep reading for shopping recommendations too! Here is the RLS 3 step system to Business Casual Sanity (for men and women!) 1. Create a uniform 2. Buy everything you can with stretch 3. Add personality with color and pattern . . A Shirt in a Color that Flatters You Color people, color. It makes all the difference. Color can flatter …

Work Wardrobe

The New Professional Clothing Shopping Guide

New grads, do not wait until May 1st, when you are in the middle of finals, to start clothes shopping for either your new job or interviews for your first job after graduation. You want to shop proactively, NOT in a panic. Know any new grads? Forward this blog post to them. They have enough anxiety as it is, they don’t also need to be anxious about their wardrobes. Keep reading for affordable advice for both male and female graduates. Happy Shopping! . Men Suits While stores like Jos. A Bank and Men’s Warehouse may have the best prices on …

Shopping Tips

The First Ever Guest Post from Mr. Real Life Style!

The Top 5 Fundamentals of Office Wear for Men With the government shut down and Mr. Real Life Style stuck at home, I’ve been tasked with putting together some workplace basics for the guys. These tips aren’t for the super-trendy man who is already going sock-less in monkstrap shoes. Rather these are the“Top 5 Fundamentals of Office Wear” that will keep you (or your partner) looking sharp, professional and on top of the fashion game. 1) How to Wear Pants Properly: Whether you’re in a suit or in business casual, RLS continues to endorse flat front pants. These are a …