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Help Dad Look Great From Head to Toe

Today we are addressing the whole dad, top to toe. Women are most often the subject of makeover talk, but I find that men are super fun makeover projects too. What better way to show your love than to steer the Dad in your life to a better haircut (finally!), or the right pair of shoes? It is the little things that make the difference sometimes. And sometimes the dad in your life needs a complete overhaul! We’ve provided you with tips for all of the essentials this Father’s Day. Happy shopping! . A Haircut from Grooming Lounge Grooming Lounge …

Shopping Tips

The First Ever Guest Post from Mr. Real Life Style!

The Top 5 Fundamentals of Office Wear for Men With the government shut down and Mr. Real Life Style stuck at home, I’ve been tasked with putting together some workplace basics for the guys. These tips aren’t for the super-trendy man who is already going sock-less in monkstrap shoes. Rather these are the“Top 5 Fundamentals of Office Wear” that will keep you (or your partner) looking sharp, professional and on top of the fashion game. 1) How to Wear Pants Properly: Whether you’re in a suit or in business casual, RLS continues to endorse flat front pants. These are a …