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Fashion Accessories

The New and Improved Uggs

10 years ago, Uggs were my main choice of footwear. I’m not proud, but like many other women, I wore those giant clunky Ugg boots almost everyday. It was the trend, right? Now that I’m walking my new dog (!!!) in my PJs early in the morning, I have been slipping on my old black Ugg boots. Who wants to put on real footwear for a walk around the block? But the truth is that I’m ready for an upgrade. And the good news is that I don’t have to look far! Ugg boots are new and improved. No longer …

Seasonal Trends

Fall 2016 Accessory Trend: Combat Boots

Rag & Bone | Valentino | Louis Vuitton | Alexander Wang . Remember the early 90’s look of a slip dress with combat boots? I remember loving it, although even as a teenager I didn’t have the body type to pull it off! Just when you thought the 90’s trend might be on the downswing, Dr. Martens strikes again… Go for the classic look with the originals: . Dr. Martens 1460 W Boot, $135 . . Dr. Martens Newton, $125 (1/3 lighter than the original 1460!) . . Dr. Martens Pascal Lace, $155 . . Rough it up with some more edgy details:  . Dolce …

Fashion Accessories

A Star-Studded Lineup of Booties

Every season, I try to plan out 3-5 items I want to purchase to round out my seasonal wardrobe. I take a look at the runway shows, do some tons of online shopping, and I work on the RLS trend blogs. By the end of my “research,” I choose which trends I’m ready to try based on my personal style. This year, before I had even decided what I needed for my winter wardrobe, I fell in love with the ever-so frivolous star-printed bootie. Do I need them? Probably not. Do I absolutely want a pair? You bet. I mean, how could you …

Fashion Accessories

Buy Yourself a Pair of Hunter Boots

Tis the week of rain boots! Ok, make that the third week of rain boots. Will it ever stop? Pictured above are my burgundy Hunter boots next to James’ mini-me navy pair in front of the window boxes Mr. Real Life Style put together. He loves it when we wear our matching boots! What’s the point of this blog? It’s like the winters when it never stops snowing and you are sooo glad you bought a “cute” parka instead of just a parka. Spring for the Hunter boots instead of the cheap pair. Then when it rains for a month, …

Fashion Accessories

Winter Weather Chic

Winter weather is HERE. Are you fashionably prepared? Just in case you aren’t, here are some stylish parka and winter boot combos to help you get there without leaving your warm, cozy house. This post is a selfish one as I am in the market for new winter boots. My Orla Kiely green tea-cup winter boots are ten years old and have gotten me through many a snowmageddon. I paid a small fortune for them at the time (and then saw them for half the price at the sample sale a week later!) but they have lasted 10 years so …