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Shopping Tips

Reformation: The Future of Shopping Is Now

Readers who hate shopping, this post is for you. I’m about to tell you about the best shopping experience I’ve ever had. Earlier this week, I spent two days in LA for vacation with my boyfriend. Considering I had spent the week in 4 different states (Kentucky for a wedding last weekend, then NY for work, and home in DC), I was already having fun comparing how culturally different the fashion is in each part of the country. In this vein, I decided to visit the most “LA” of boutiques to get a sense of what was trending on the …


Kyle Takes San Francisco

San Francisco, how you’ve captured my heart. The city has an infinite amount of things to do and see, and I had less than five days over this past Presidents’ Day weekend. My sister flew Jack (my boyfriend) and me out to San Francisco to see the city before she moves back to Northern Virginia next month. She had been telling me for years that I would love it out there and now I see why. DC just doesn’t have anywhere close to the amount of hippies or hipsters, small vintage boutiques or new tech-y startups. I love the vibe …