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Fashion Accessories

Why You Should Buy These Cute, Charitable Shoes

My inner eye roll comes out every time someone points to a block heeled shoe and then says, “But they’re so comfortable!” Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “But it is still a heel!” The Sage Sandal (scroll down) by M4D3 is the first sandal I’ve tried on that really is comfortable regardless of the heel. I tried them on at Betsy Fisher, who unfortunately was out of my size (37). I was so intrigued by this edgy, comfy shoe (Gayle if you are reading this, they are so you!), that I looked up the website. Not only are these shoes comfortable, they …

Fashion Accessories

Cool Keys for Charity

Looking for an authentic but still fashionable way to embrace the key necklace trend? The Giving Keys started when actress and singer Caitlin Crosby began to wear her key as a necklace. Now it has expanded into a charitable business, employing 19 people experiencing homelessness and partnering with Chrysalis and PATH, a reputable transitional home in LA. Their line is carried in stores such as Anthropologie, Henri Bendel and Kitson. Each necklace comes engraved with an inspiring message of your choice. Choose from their 13 word options or custom order your own. Know someone else who could use an inspiring message close to their …