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How to Wear a Jersey on Game Day

The first time my husband explained that I HAD to wear a jersey to watch the Chicago Bears game at the sports bar with all of his “Bears friends”, I felt mild fashion panic. I mean, how do you look fashionable and feel like yourself in a sports jersey? Then I remembered that I had once randomly picked up a vintage Walter Payton Bears jersey at a cool vintage place on 14th Street in NYC. As a fashionable New Yorker, I had absolutely nowhere to wear the jersey at the time nor did I follow football at all. However, as …


An ARTful Weekend in Chicago

A quick trip to Chicago last weekend to see family turned into an outright lovely vacation and another stop on my major museum fashion tour. What fashion exhibit is the exact opposite of Punk, the last exhibit I wrote about? It is called Fashion, Impressionism and Modernity at the Art Institute of Chicago, and is a joint exhibit with the Musée D’Orsay in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Imagine a room of impressionist paintings highlighting the fashion of the times, complete with outfits from the time resembling those in the paintings. Although we all know about …