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Style Inspiration

The World of Kelly Wearstler

. I’ve been fascinated by Kelly Wearstler ever since I stayed at one of her first high profile design jobs, the Avalon Palm Springs hotel, over 10 years ago. Her aesthetic was like no one else’s at the time and still retains a distinct decorative modernism. Interiors were just the beginning. Her website offers everything from high-end furniture and objet d’art to lighting, sheets and bars of chocolate. . . The checkerboard motif has been a favorite of Ms. Wearstler’s for awhile. See it above in a desk and sculpture, and below in her fashion line (as worn by Gwen Stefani!). …

Fashion Accessories

A Quest: The Perfect Chocolate Boot

This season’s frustration has one word: chocolate. Between a few different clients looking for a good chocolate pant, another looking for a blazer, and most looking for boots, we at Real Life Style have spent a lot of time on the quest for chocolate this season. The problem? Chocolate seems to have fallen out of favor with many designers for some reason. Although I’m still looking for those pants and a blazer, I have had much better luck with the boot hunt. Whether you are looking for a heel, a flat riding boot or a short bootie to wear with …