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Mommy Fashion

To Keep or Not to Keep

Last week I gave you 5 strategies to use when buying clothes while you are not at your usual size. This week I am telling you what to do with all of the clothes that don’t currently fit. . 1. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT. If an item of clothing is dated, worn, or in the wrong color now, you can bet you won’t want to wear it in two years when you are done losing your baby weight. Only save the REALLY good stuff. 2. TRY ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR CLOSET. Yes, I mean everything. The other day I was freaking …


Lani Finally Buys the Closet She Deserves

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, sans elastic waist pants! I’m big on everyone, especially service providers as myself, practicing what they preach. This is why my closet is organized by category and color and never has more than one season’s worth of clothing in it at one time. Maintaining multiple closets in multiple cities the last few years has created a challenging environment for my usually seamless organization, as has the new maternity wardrobe I’ve recently acquired. My first thought upon seeing the “mini” walk-in closet in the master bedroom of our new DC apartment was, “I’m finally …


Do You Control Your Closet or Does Your Closet Control You?

It is amazing to me how many people give up on their wardrobe due to perceived limits in their physical space. What is it that Oprah says?  “It was all in your control the whole time.” Exactly! I recently conducted a Closet Makeover for a woman with a typical NYC closet: tall and narrow, without enough hanging space. Being forced to fold most of her clothing (never a good idea!) meant that she had to sift through piles every morning when trying to get dressed for work. A woman with two children under the age of 5 is never going to have …