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Shopping Tips

Hit by Lightning and Seeing Stars

We all want a little piece of the magic that is Kate Moss. She helps us with this sentiment by constantly producing guest curated collections with fabulous designers, as well as Topshop. Thank you, Miss Moss. The RLS office is pretty much obsessed with her new line for Equipment. Stars, lightning bolts, leopard. All good things. Now how to choose… Happy Shopping! . . Equipment Wynne Satin-Trimmed Wool-Twill Blazer, $600 . .. .Equipment Rosalind Printed Washed-Silk Mini Dress, $330   . Equipment Ryder Printed Cashmere Sweater, $328 . . Equipment Major Shirt Jacket, $358 . . Equipment Ryder Printed Cashmere …

Shopping Tips

One and Done -The Beauty of a Summer Dress

Full disclosure- A client came up with the “one and done” phrase when describing why she loves to have dresses in her summer wardrobe arsenal. This struck me as such a brilliant description of the ease and utility of a good summer dress, it inspired Look #1 and the whole blog post. Inspiration number two for today’s post was another client’s purchase and enthusiasm for the silk Equipment shirt dress in Look #2. Then, once we had started this blog post, a third client asked about a dress for the French Open. This would be the Carolina Herrera dress in …

Shopping Tips

The New White Shirt: How Will You Wear it?

The white shirt was one of the biggest trends on the Spring 2014 runways. However, it’s not your classic white button down. The New White Shirt is clean, crisp and subtly different in its styling. It’s more cool than classic. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see below for plenty of examples. Which one is for you? Although I don’t usually push a specific trend, this one is just so easy and refreshing, there’s no excuse not to try it! . . . The Shirtdress Vince Drawstring Waist Shirtdress, $275  . . . . . Alexander Wang …

Shopping Tips

A Perfect Spring Outfit

I’m usually initially inspired by the expensive, i.e. investment version of a fashion trend. Not this week. No, this week’s blog was inspired by the $14.95 pleated H&M skirt in the Cheap Chic version below. I thought it was so beautiful and reminiscent of all that is fresh and new for spring 2014, that I decided to create an entire outfit around this particular skirt. However, I knew some of you would rather invest in a skirt of better quality so I am giving you the investment version also. Enjoy and happy spring shopping! Cheap Chic Version Kasper Sleeveless Suiting …