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Style Inspiration

How to Bring Your Holiday Style Game

Most people dread figuring out what to wear for their holiday parties and family celebrations. Not our clients! We make sure they have those outfits lined up in plenty of time, or at least have multiple options in their closet. It has been very cute to see how many of our regular clients were inspired by our Thanksgiving outfit post. We were recently interviewed for Northern Virginia Magazine to give advice for office holiday party dressing. No one wants to be overdressed or underdressed when celebrating with their boss and co-workers, so I came up with this balanced outfit that …

Shopping Tips

Blue is the New Black

Blue is the new black, didn’t you know? The blue tuxedo is officially “a thing.” It used to be that only the most fashion forward of men messed with the classic black tuxedo. I’m not going to say that anything goes now, but you will hardly be looked at askance if you decide to shake things up a little by going blue. We’ve been doing our blue tuxedo research for a client for a good month now and thought, why not share it with our dear readers? Would you let your husband go blue? Let us know on Facebook! Happy …