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Reset your Wardrobe. Reset your Life.

Looking for reasonably priced, simple but chic clothes that will take you from work to school event? The why behind The Reset’s clothing line is this: “We were tired of chasing trends and styles that looked bad, clogged our closets and cost too much. So we created R|Label, a simple line of clothes that’s easy to wear, flattering, and affordable.”  I am not going to argue with that premise! While you are shopping, you should also check out the site, meant to be a digital homebase for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently and create their …

Fashion Accessories

Larissa Loden, Edgy but Affordable Jewelry

Raise your hand if you’d love to know about an off-the-radar, edgy but affordable jewelry designer that you won’t see on everyone else? Yeah, me too! Mr. Real Life Style loves me so much that while his friends were doing other things he might have found more interesting, he accompanied me to the American Swedish Institute (more on this next week!) in the pouring rain, when we were in Minneapolis for a wedding last weekend. Not only did he accompany me through The Weather Diaries, the West-Nordic fashion exhibit at the museum, he also discovered local designer Larissa Loden’s delicate jewelry …

Shopping Tips

Who Says A Uniform Has To Be Boring?

. OBSESSED. Seriously. Who wouldn’t love a dress that was designed to be comfortable, flattering and travel friendly? This combo usually results in a big, boring mess of a dress. But imagine if this combination came in always changing, limited edition African dutch wax prints that made you happy just thinking about them? Welcome to Zuri, created by American expats and friends, Sandra Zhao and Ashley Gersh Miller, while living in Nairobi, Kenya. Oh, and did I mention the business is run with the focus of supporting the local population in a sustainable fashion? . . We’ve been talking a …

Shopping Tips

Service Through Fashion

Better late than never, right? I’ve been wanting to share these brands, all discoveries from my trip to Israel, with you for awhile now. This blog is about people who saw a need and created a solution to benefit the worker, the business, and the consumer. There are people who talk, and people who do. Orna and Isaac Levy of Megemeria, Taryn Cantor of Sew Sara and Mindy Scheier of Runway of Dreams have done a lot. I encourage you to watch these videos and share them with others. If you are interested in purchasing items from Megemeria or Sew Sara, …

Fashion Accessories

Ethical and Economical Shoes, Score!

Are you hard on your shoes? Do you find yourself replacing them every season? We may have an answer for you. For their fifth birthday, Nisolo is offering a chance to be a member of their “Five for Five” club. Pay $500 now and get two pairs of shoes each year for the next five years. That’s 10 pairs of shoes in total for $50 each! The offer includes the entire shoe collection, which varies in price from $100-$200. We featured Nisolo in our conscious consumer blog post two years ago. Their shoes are made with ethically sourced leather in high-quality, …