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Seasonal Trends

Fall 2018 Trends Volume 4: Fiercely Futuristic

I knew Holographic and Iridescent was going to be a thing when, while on vacation in New York City with my kids earlier this summer, I saw a college-age girl in the look head-to-toe. Where exactly was I when, amazed at this fashion statement, I immediately snuck an iPhone picture to text Kyle? The Museum of Natural History, I kid you not. I am not suggesting head-to-toe holographic as a try-this-at-home or museum look, but how about a clutch for a night out, or a fanny pack as something fun to wear to the park with your kids or dog? Do …

Seasonal Trends

Fall 2016 Accessory Trend: Talk to the Glove

Max Mara | Marc Jacobs | Chanel | Rodarte . Do you think of gloves as something your grandmother wore? I can tell you that as a mom, having the time to put on even basic gloves sometimes seem like a luxury! I urge you to use this trend to add a little fun, color and or sparkle into your life/wardrobe. While we were dating, Mr. Real Life Style bought me a pair of gold gloves I’d been coveting. That was 7 years ago and every time I pull them out I’m amazed at the compliments I receive and how “sparkly” …