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Packing 101: How to Create a Better Travel Experience

Sometimes a blog post just begs to be written. Like when multiple people ask you to write a post about packing in the span of a few weeks. I was just about to tackle it when I received a fabulous packing blog in my inbox. Fortunately, it was from my friend Rachel Rosenthal of Rachel Company, an oft-quoted professional organizer. And lucky for you, she agreed to let us share her packing wisdom on the RLS blog. Bon Voyage! . . Packing is not a fun task, but–similar to organizing–when you create a system to help get the job done you …

Mommy Fashion

Micro Self-Care for Mamas

As the last installment of our “Take Good Care of Mama” week, we have a guest post by Lori Mihalich-Levin, creator of the Mindful Return E-Course. Her course will empower you to plan a thoughtful, peaceful, and successful return to work after maternity leave and will connect you with other mamas who are returning to work at the same time you are. My first thought upon hearing of her business? All new moms returning to work outside of the home should take this and their employers should pay for it! It is a small price to pay for a happier, more …

Beauty Products

The RLS Nail Guru Report

This week’s blog post was written by Kyle, my lovely assistant and fellow Real Life Style stylist I have an addiction to nail polish. It’s not anything I try to hide or deny. When friends ask me how long I spent on my manicure this week, I simply reply “Too long. I know, it’s a problem.” I’ve been collecting nail polish since high school, when my favorite polish color was still pink (I remember being particularly infatuated with Charged Up Cherry). I refused to step out of my comfort zone. That eventually changed! I had to buy my first nail polish …

Style Inspiration

A Guest Post From My Unfashionable (But Not Evil) Twin

This week I have a guest post for you from Natasha Nadel, my identical, unfashionable, (but not evil) twin sister. 4 Tips For The Naturally Unfashionable   “You’re talking to the wrong twin.” This is my response when my husband or friends ask if something looks good on them or if their outfit matches. We may have come from the same egg, but we didn’t come from the same closet. Here’s my take on this whole style thing. Have no fear. Whether you stare into the mirror and have no idea if something fits or flatters you; or have recently changed weight …