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Shopping Tips

5 Tips for Getting Dressed Today

We are constantly asked what one should and shouldn’t wear during these weird, rainy, chilly spring days. See below for all you need to know. Happy Spring! . 1. Cotton sweaters are your friend. By now, all the wool and cashmere are hopefully packed away for winter. Lightweight cashmere can be more appropriate, but the heavy winter turtlenecks shouldn’t be out in May. If you’re still cold on these 50 degree days, try layering a t-shirt or button-down under the sweater. . . 2. Utilize all of your fashionable light weight jackets. Military jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets…we love them all. …

Shopping Tips

How to Wear My Favorite (Affordable) Leggings

If you saw our previous blog, My Favorite Outfit Right Now, you know that we are obsessed with these Hue Leatherette leggings. Not only are they affordable at $48, but they are fashionable AND comfortable. You don’t need to worry about wearing them around your kids or pets because everything just wipes right off! When Kyle recently forwarded me the new Hue legging styles I knew right away that we must do a blog post on them, STAT. So without further ado, here are three ways to wear your Hues! Happy Shopping! . . . . Classic with a Twist Frye …

Shopping Tips

My Favorite Outfit Right Now

. I put this outfit together for a client yesterday. It occurred to me afterward what a great outfit it would make for everyone else, including me!  A denim shirt is not only on trend right now, it is also a classic we should all have in our closets. The structure of the shirt covers a multitude of sins while being super comfy and machine-washable. I’ve been obsessed with leather leggings the last few years. However, with my size going up and down constantly while having children, I did not think it was the time to make the investment. And …