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Shopping Tips

Kyle Models Our Fave Israeli Designer!

This is what you need to know about Adi Yair’s clothes. The one piece I purchased from her when I met her in Israel on an Israel Fashion Tour with JWRP almost 2 years ago, is a long black vest that I knew would change my life (okay my wardrobe but same thing!). Adi actually had to make me one in the few days before I left in the country because the size I wanted had been grabbed by my fellow traveler, Rachelle Yadegar, a fashion blogger and designer with 25,000 Instagram followers. She also knew a perfect piece of clothing …

Shopping Tips

Service Through Fashion

Better late than never, right? I’ve been wanting to share these brands, all discoveries from my trip to Israel, with you for awhile now. This blog is about people who saw a need and created a solution to benefit the worker, the business, and the consumer. There are people who talk, and people who do. Orna and Isaac Levy of Megemeria, Taryn Cantor of Sew Sara and Mindy Scheier of Runway of Dreams have done a lot. I encourage you to watch these videos and share them with others. If you are interested in purchasing items from Megemeria or Sew Sara, …


Israel Fashion Tour

The very idea of summarizing a 9 day trip to Israel with the JWRP, even just the fashion element of the trip, has been incredibly overwhelming for all of us trying to write blogs and answer questions from friends and family. The best way I could think of to at least summarize the fashion highlights for you is to show you what I purchased myself. Also, to answer the most asked question: yes, the fashion in Israel is great! There are a lot of small designers in Tel Aviv who are doing their best to tell their own design story. The …


Israel Trip: The Shoe Wardrobe

I now present the final shoe wardrobe lineup for my upcoming trip to Israel with the JWRP, the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project. As previously mentioned, the special challenge here is that the trip is exclusively for fashion influencers. That’s a lot of wardrobe pressure when everyone tells you to wear the most comfortable shoes you can find because of the heat and constant walking. Tack onto that challenge the fact that I have previously had surgery on both of my feet and usually wear custom orthotics, which one can’t wear with sandals. As my associate stylist Kyle and I always say, there is …


Help Lani! Thoughts on a Travel Wardrobe

TravelSmith 4 Pieces: One Bag, $179 . I came across this versatile, chic packing cube in the Travelsmith catalog the other day and it started a packing panic tailspin! Thought number one: This is exactly how I would pack for weekends away during my semester abroad when I was traveling to other places from my home base of Paris. At that age my basics were a black a-line skirt, a few good quality black tees and a jean jacket. The cube above is just the grown up version of my “travel capsule”. This is my usual organized way of thinking/packing. …