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Shopping Tips

Super Comfy & Cozy for the Holidays

Fur, faux fur, shearling, sherpa or whatever the super cozy and comfy clothes below are called,  just order something! This blog came out of my excitement at all of the amazing fuzzy clothes hitting my inbox and mailbox. I just had to create a blog to share my finds and favorites. Our clients and friends will recognize our favorite Jocelyn rabbit fur cowl and mitten set. Sherpa moto jacket anyone? Sherpa fanny pack?  This blog is the best! Let us know what you have, like, or order in this comfy category. We want to know! . Casual Around Town MinkPink …

Shopping Tips

Lani’s Denim Makeover (and how you can have one too!)

When your husband tells you to go shopping for new jeans, you know it is bad. It isn’t that I didn’t have some good, designer jeans hanging around, it was more that the field was a little too crowded in my closet and my daily workhorses had suddenly lost any and all of their former glory. Keep reading for how I gave myself a denim makeover and you can too. . Step 1. DETERMINE WHAT YOU NEED I knew that I needed a straight leg pair of jeans to wear with ballet flats and slip-on sneakers; a dark, longer pair …

Seasonal Trends

Spring 2015 Trend #2: Military Style 101

Military garb has been one of my favorite trends for the past few years. From my studded army parka to my children’s camo-covered clothes, my sartorial love of all things military-inspired has only grown after watching the spring runway shows. The utilitarian design of lots of pockets and looser fitting clothes is a great trend for moms too. Just tell your husband this trend does not include his baggy, 10 year-old khaki cargo pants! . These are your three trend staples: 1. Camo Anything! Camouflage print can be super fashionable when paired with the right pieces. The print doesn’t have to be literal either. Check out …

Seasonal Trends

Wrap Yourself in Luxury and Comfort this Season

Autumn is the adjustment period–it’s not winter, so you don’t have to commit to bundling up just yet, but you still want to be cozy in the crisp air. Luckily, this fall’s trends let you feel cozy while looking fabulous. I am in love with the textures and shapes of this season! First, the flat shoe of the season is the smoking slipper, which I’ve explained here is the new ballet flat. It’s fresh, good for day and night, and COMFORTABLE! No more ballet flats with that awkward scrunch in the heel. Second, the textures this season are all comfort-meets-luxury. I’m talking about …

Shopping Tips

How Any Woman Can Look Put-Together in 2 Minutes or Less Using Lani’s 1-2-3 Formula

What is the 1-2-3 formula? It is my own proprietary method of instruction on how to achieve that sometimes elusive goal…looking put-together every day! Try it and let me know how it goes! #1 Start with your base, i.e. a skirt or jean that makes you feel sexy. Not just ok, but sexy! Ideally your base has some structure to hold all the important parts in. Yes, this means NO YOGA PANTS! J Brand Brooke Power Stretch mid-rise bootcut #2 Add a pop! This could be in the form of color, texture, shine, or print. Whatever you choose, it should …