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Kyle Does a Tiny Edit of Lani’s Closet!

Although I have plenty of clothes I love (and, therefore, plenty to wear), I have been frustrated of late with how crowded my closet has become. I should also mention that I took great advantage of the January sales, which probably did not help matters. And then I read Courtney Carver‘s “10 Tiny Steps to Take Towards Your Tiny Wardrobe,” and I was like, “I must do something!” (Scroll down to read the steps and click through for the details on her website.) Yep, it was time to purge the personal stylist’s closet. So who does the stylist ask for …

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May the Force of Fashion be with You

Who’s pumped for the new Star Wars movie? (*raises hand and bounces excitedly*) I was late to the Star Wars fandom. The prequels with Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman came out when I was a little kid and was too young to understand the story or appreciate the franchise’s cultural significance. In 2015, my boyfriend convinced me to watch the original Star Wars trilogy as preparation for the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens that year. While I had to giggle at the dated graphics and less-than-perfect acting skills of all but the fabulous Carrie Fisher …