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Shopping Tips

The High-Fashion Pump You Should Be Wearing Now

One of my clients showed up to a shopping appointment in a shoe that rocked my world. After 20 years as a personal stylist, it usually takes a Valentino dress to do that. She was wearing what fashion people would call a “V-Neck Pump.” Started by Céline (the uber avant-garde fashion line) in 2016, the V-Neck Pump is now available from other brands at a range of price points and heel heights. In fact, Céline now makes them in a cool, low cone-shaped heel that even I could probably wear. (The client’s V-Neck Pump was actually from Diane Von Furstenburg, …

Fashion Accessories

Dream Shoes: Splatter Paint Sandal Manolos

In case you did not realize, I am SO into the whole splatter paint trend. I loved it when Helmut Lang did it in the mid 90s and I love the 2016 version. I still regret not buying the Ralph Lauren splatter-paint jeans I was lusting after all fall. By the time I got around to it, they were gone. I found the Manolo Blahnik Susa Painted Cork Flat Sandal in a magazine and was so obsessed that I’ve had the little shoe I cut out on my desk ever since. Perhaps they will go on sale… Manolo Blahnik Susa Painted Cork …

Work Wardrobe

A Quest: The Perfect Navy Pump

Last year, it was the search for good chocolate boots. Unfortunately,  that quest has still not ended. Good chocolate pieces are still difficult to find, especially in suiting! However, this year my efforts have switched to a similarly frustrating color: Navy. I love to encourage my clients to switch up their conservative black suit with a navy suit. However, once you purchase a pair of navy pants, your next purchase is inevitably going to be a navy shoe. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? WRONG! Navy pumps are not as common as they should be! When you combine an already limited selection with …