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Mommy Fashion

Mom Friendly Swimsuits: The Tankini

I feel like the Tankini has a dowdy rep it doesn’t deserve. It is the most practical of bathing suits but it doesn’t have to be the frumpiest. And for those of you who don’t have a bikini ready tummy post-baby, it is infinitely more flattering than a one piece. It also makes feeding a baby and going to the bathroom waaaay easier! The J. Crew Twist-Front Swing Tankini Top was my go to bathing suit when I had tiny babies I wanted to be able to feed by the pool. We’ve gathered some flattering and “cool” options for your shopping pleasure. …

Mommy Fashion

The Chic Mommy Necklace

Kyle and I both stopped in our tracks when we got to this page of the Nordstrom Holiday catalog. And not just because there was a picture of a pug in one of the lockets! I’ve always loved a good locket and not loved what I call “mommy” necklaces. You know, something your husband or mom buys you with your kids’ birthstones or initials on it. Not that there aren’t good ones, but most of them are not what I would call work or date appropriate. These lockets from Astley Clarke are chic necklaces on the outside with cute pictures …