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Fashion Accessories

Through the Looking-Glass Heel?

I was mindlessly paging through the latest J. Crew catalog when I came upon the burgundy suede heels with a lucite heel below. Bingo! Fashion Nirvana Moment. Oh it was so good. The force of my utter delight at seeing the unexpected lucite heel made me want to share it with you my dear readers. We have found a whole range of lucite heels for you to peruse.  Look carefully for the most affordable option, which may be going into my cart in a few minutes! Which are your favorite? Would you wear a lucite heel? Let us know on …

Fashion Accessories

Summer Sandal Alert! The Best of Nine West

Aren’t we all just looking for cute, affordable summer sandals? I thought so! Nine West has always been a brand I thought of as what I shopped in high school (yes, I know I am dating myself!). However, in the last few years I have come to realize that they are again the best fashion shoes for the money. I believe in value. Is the style current but not so current that you’ll only be able to wear the shoe for one season? Is the shoe comfortable enough that you’ll wear it often? Are they a high enough quality to withstand wear and tear …

Fashion Accessories

The Best of Fall Boots (According to Lani)

Everyone seems to be looking for the perfect black boot for fall. But my perfect boot isn’t your perfect boot. And let’s be honest, there is always another boot you are going to want! With that in mind, here is a selection of some of the best boots of the season. A shiny new pair of black boots somehow makes last year’s fall clothes feel new and fresh. Wear them with jeans, a dress and tights, ponte knit leggings and a hand knit sweater, or a cozy maxi skirt. My picks are based on bang for your buck and comfort. …