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Fashion Accessories

Fossil x Opening Ceremony- On Sale Now!

Here’s the skinny. Opening Ceremony is a super cool boutique in New York. Fossil makes great watches, but I would not call them “cool.” Opening Ceremony for Fossil? Insanely cool. I had dinner with my uber-chic cousin the other night. I was obsessing over her watch until I finally made her take it off so that I could try it on and see what brand it was. Imagine my surprise when I saw Fossil written on the underside. Of course she purchased hers at the actual Opening Ceremony store in New York. I’ve taken the liberty of finding them online …

Fashion Accessories

The Latest in High Fashion Wearable Tech

Wearable seems to be the new buzzword these days. Every news publication from CNN to Mashable to WWD has been writing about the predicted success of wearable technology. While I’ve already written about Apple’s hot item, the Apple Watch, and I own a Fitbit, I’m most excited to see what designers plan to do with the new technology. Aside: As a dedicated watch wearer, I love the idea of the Apple Watch because it is actually a watch! I had an Apple iPod Nano watch (best Mother’s Day gift ever!) which I absolutely loved, until it broke right after the warranty expired. …