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Resolve to Clear Your Closet and Your Head

. . Can clearing out your closet really change your life? I never get tired of telling people how and why it can. Most people tell themselves they’ll “get to it” over the weekend. Then the weeks come and go and before you know it, it has been a year and your closet is still a mess. The number one thing my clients tell me (besides that they admire the style of Kate Middleton most) is that they can’t believe it took them so long to clean/clear out their closets. What they really mean is that they can’t believe how …

Style Inspiration

Clothing Care Tips from NYC’s Top Dry Cleaner

Hope everyone enjoyed my week off for summer vacation as much as I did! Would you like to see a cute picture of me and Max riding The Ducks on the Ohio River? Well, here you go anyway! A few weeks ago the people that rock over at Meurice Garment Care let me answer some questions for their clients. This week Wayne Edelman, aka @ClothesDr, let me ask some of my own on behalf of you, my dear readers. Meurice is the only place I trust with my clients’ Valentino gowns, but they will also do a spectacular job on your more everyday …

Shopping Tips

The Container Store Did Not Pay Me For This One

Meurice Garment Care asked me to answer some customer questions for a blog post this week. One of the questions, how to deal with the challenge of a NYC sized closet (small!), was so much fun to answer, I decided to share it with my blog readers as well. As a bonus, my dear readers get an extra tip and pictures! And lots of links to items you can buy at The Container Store! The original question, from Mary Lynn Halland, is this: How should NYers with small closets (isn’t that all of us?) organize their clothes. It’s hard to figure …

Mommy Fashion

To Keep or Not to Keep

Last week I gave you 5 strategies to use when buying clothes while you are not at your usual size. This week I am telling you what to do with all of the clothes that don’t currently fit. . 1. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT. If an item of clothing is dated, worn, or in the wrong color now, you can bet you won’t want to wear it in two years when you are done losing your baby weight. Only save the REALLY good stuff. 2. TRY ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR CLOSET. Yes, I mean everything. The other day I was freaking …


Lani Finally Buys the Closet She Deserves

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, sans elastic waist pants! I’m big on everyone, especially service providers as myself, practicing what they preach. This is why my closet is organized by category and color and never has more than one season’s worth of clothing in it at one time. Maintaining multiple closets in multiple cities the last few years has created a challenging environment for my usually seamless organization, as has the new maternity wardrobe I’ve recently acquired. My first thought upon seeing the “mini” walk-in closet in the master bedroom of our new DC apartment was, “I’m finally …