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Gift Guides

The RLS Gift Guide for Your Favorite Females

We know that there are sooo many gift guides out there these days, increasing the pressure to find that “perfect” gift for everyone on your list. Please don’t let that drive you nuts! It really is the thought that counts so stick to your budget and have fun. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Is your family trying not to give more “stuff” this year? Stay tuned for a blog next week! See the men’s gift guide here. Happy Shopping! . For the fashionista (or your RLS stylist) These are the RLS-approved gifts, a.k.a. the …

Style Inspiration

The Safety Pin Statement

Have you heard about the #safetypin movement? If you haven’t, here is a remarkably good explanation, but I’ll give you the condensed version. After Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, aka Brexit, people there started wearing safety pins to show support to those experiencing xenophobic abuse. People in the US have adopted the practice for multiple reasons; to show support to those vulnerable to abuse that they are safe with them, as a form or resistance to hate and negativity, and as a form of grieving about what happened in this election. Mr. Real Life Style started a …

Fashion Accessories

Create Your Own Designer Handbag

You could buy a designer handbag with designer stickers on it (see the first tote bag below), or you could buy a more affordable bag and add designer stickers to it. If it was me, I’d go with adding stickers to a less expensive bag! Kyle and I SWOONED over the designer purse stickers when we did our big Chelsea Barneys tour a few weeks ago. So much so that we had to create a blog post for you just on the trend. The good news is, you have a lot of choices in terms of price point and design. The bad …

Fashion Accessories

Fringe Has Gone Technicolor

From Saint Laurent to Chloe to Rebecca Minkoff, handbag designers are loving colored fringe this spring. Fringed purses aren’t new to the fashion scene, as we highlighted in our Spring 15 and our Fall 15 trend series. However this season, contrasting tassels and patchwork-like layers have taken the trend from simply fun to totally whimsical. What do you think? Which bag would you wear? Let us know on Facebook! PS. The Stella McCartney bucket bag, the Chloe shoulder bag, and the Elizabeth and James clutch are all available at the Neiman Marcus in Friendship Heights! . Rebecca Minkoff Sofia Clutch, …