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5 Alternatives to Shorts, The 2019 Edition

I used to think I was the only woman who hated wearing shorts. And then I started writing this blog annually. From the positive reaction we receive every year, I know I am far from the only woman looking for an alternative to shorts. I never understood how other women could be wearing shorts so un-self-consciously. It is rare that I have time to exercise enough to actually like my legs above the knee. Even when I was younger, thinner, and more fashionable, shorts just felt so casual and not me. They’ve never really been my preferred mode of clothing …

Shopping Tips

Your 2018 Alternative to Shorts

It’s 95 degrees and you have to get dressed (and look cute!). What are your options? For so many women, this is a serious fashion problem. A lot of us just don’t feel comfortable in shorts, myself included! I have a few particularly stylish pairs that I will wear when I must (see the bottom for some of the options I love). However, I’ve also found other solutions for myself and for my clients who prefer not to show their legs. What’s your go-to summer uniform? Which option is your favorite? Let us know on our Facebook page or comment …