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Fashion Accessories

Summer Sandal Alert! The Best of Nine West

Aren’t we all just looking for cute, affordable summer sandals? I thought so! Nine West has always been a brand I thought of as what I shopped in high school (yes, I know I am dating myself!). However, in the last few years I have come to realize that they are again the best fashion shoes for the money. I believe in value. Is the style current but not so current that you’ll only be able to wear the shoe for one season? Is the shoe comfortable enough that you’ll wear it often? Are they a high enough quality to withstand wear and tear …

Seasonal Trends

Spring Trend Preview

Today I’d like to highlight some more of my favorite Spring/Summer 2012 trends. The last few seasons I’ve struggled to find newness as I’ve put together my Trend Talks. Thankfully, this season it was not difficult! Yes, there are still florals but they are brighter and more whimsical than ever. Check out Dolce & Gabbana’s vegetable prints for proof of this. What seems like a regular floral print from a distance is actually a tomato or eggplant print upon further inspection! Looking for more newness? How about the dreamy pastel/nude/white story, the sparkle of the deco trend or clothing and accessories …

Beauty Products

The New Accessory: Nails

It seems as though the hottest trend people are talking about isn’t a particular clothing item or shoe, rather it’s the newest fashion accessory to hit this year: nails. Crazy and vibrant color are making their way into fashion now more than ever. This is not to say that the classic “ballet slipper” or nude nail is leaving us any time soon, but it’s time to put a little spin on the typical pink or red nail. Even celebrities are getting involved in the nail polish industry and teaming up with top brands like O.P.I. For example, Katy Perry launched a …

Seasonal Trends

The New Neon

“Neon???!!!”, you ask. “Didn’t I wear that in the 80’s?” Why yes, you did. And having been there myself, I wasn’t sure I would be back for this round. Have you heard the old adage, if you wore it the first time around you shouldn’t wear it the second time around? I’m here to show you how to do the “NEW” Neon so no one will think you just pulled your old neon out of the closet. Still unsure? Start with an accessory, then go bigger if you dare. I started with neon yellow sunglasses and before I knew it, I was obsessing over …