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Shopping Tips

The Color I’m Wearing Now

Krishna Das, my favorite musician, wears only red t-shirts and Steve Jobs was known for wearing only black turtlenecks. Could I possibly become known for wearing only…chartreuse?  I read once that when you are drawn to a particular color it is because you need to incorporate that color’s properties into your aura. I don’t know about that but I do know that I had to stop and laugh when I realized that I had packed chartreuse tops for 2 out of 3 days of shopping in New York recently. (New York friends: Don’t give me a hard time for not …

Shopping Tips

How to Wear a Sleeveless Trench

“A sleeveless trench coat? Really? What is that?” I know, I know. But seriously, check out the outfits below and I dare you not to want one. This spring trend is an offshoot of the sleeveless blazer trend but I think this is the chicest. Still have doubts? The sleeveless trench adds curves for those who need them and smooths the lumps and bumps for those of us who need that too. I happen to think it is a super Mom friendly trend as it covers all of those post baby problem areas while keeping your arms free to be …

Shopping Tips

Head-to-Toe Spring Prints

One of the cooler trends for Spring 2014 is the head-to-toe print look. Sometimes it is just a matching top and bottom, other times the look includes a matching bag or shoe. How fun is that? And for all of you who were equally in love with/horrified by the uber-expensiveness of last week’s Shoe Candy blog, I’ve included a budget option below. Just remember, I always show you the most expensive version of the trend first, that way you’ll know it well when you find it at your price point. . . . Stella McCartney Jane Floral-Jacquard Top, $890 Stella …

Shopping Tips

A Perfect Spring Outfit

I’m usually initially inspired by the expensive, i.e. investment version of a fashion trend. Not this week. No, this week’s blog was inspired by the $14.95 pleated H&M skirt in the Cheap Chic version below. I thought it was so beautiful and reminiscent of all that is fresh and new for spring 2014, that I decided to create an entire outfit around this particular skirt. However, I knew some of you would rather invest in a skirt of better quality so I am giving you the investment version also. Enjoy and happy spring shopping! Cheap Chic Version Kasper Sleeveless Suiting …

Fashion Accessories

The New Spring Sandal

What was the number one sandal trend for Spring 2014? The Sport Sandal. Seriously. I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I’ve brought pictures to show you. See the full runway looks as well as detailed close-ups below. Now this is a trend I can get behind! Scroll down to find the right sport sandal for you this summer. Happy Shopping! . . . The Runway Look  . . .  Take a closer look… .  .  . . . . Sport Sandals to Shop / Isabel Marant Holden Cross-Front Slides, $510 . . . . . ASOS Fracture Leather Sliders, …