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Shopping Tips

Weather Can Be Dreary, but Your Outerwear Shouldn’t Be

Are you ready for the most fun winter coats and accessories ever? Kyle and I stopped by the Jocelyn showroom in New York this past week to shop for clients and hang out with Maria Reich, my friend from high school, now better know as The Fur Boss on Instagram. When I say that Kyle tried on practically everything in the showroom, I am not exaggerating. We were there for HOURS. We were having so much fun we just couldn’t leave without trying on one more thing! Lucky for us, and you, Maria and her team were quite accommodating. See …

Fashion Accessories

A Star-Studded Lineup of Booties

Every season, I try to plan out 3-5 items I want to purchase to round out my seasonal wardrobe. I take a look at the runway shows, do some tons of online shopping, and I work on the RLS trend blogs. By the end of my “research,” I choose which trends I’m ready to try based on my personal style. This year, before I had even decided what I needed for my winter wardrobe, I fell in love with the ever-so frivolous star-printed bootie. Do I need them? Probably not. Do I absolutely want a pair? You bet. I mean, how could you …

Style Inspiration

Reunited with an Old Love

I recently read an article in Elle Magazine which highlighted the favorite fashion items of different celebrities. Natasha Lyonne waxed on about her beloved black Helmut Lang blazer, which she had unfortunately lost during a whirlwind day of dress fittings. My first thought when reading about her “perfect” blazer? My “perfect” scarf! My long lost scarf! I bought a cream-colored, fringed scarf about 3 years ago. I then proceeded to wear it perhaps one third of all days in the year following until…I lost it. Why was this scarf perfect? It was summer, yet it was also so fall and …