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Style Inspiration

Can You Define Your Style?

Do you know your style type? It is amazing how many of us don’t. And by us, I’m including myself! My old boss used to say that if you took the Visual Therapy Style Type quiz, and were all over the map with your style type, you either were a fashion stylist or you needed one. Dressing for different occasions and clients is an opportunity for expression and experimentation. For instance, on Monday I wore a dress in a very Bohemian print to see a very Bohemian client. However, the dress was silk, not cotton, making it appropriate. Tomorrow I …

Style Inspiration

Words of Wisdom from André Leon Talley

André Leon Talley on Diversity, Fashion, First Ladies — and Kellyanne Conway’s Inauguration Outfit . André Leon Talley, one of fashion’s most storied journalists and a former long-time VOGUE editor, recently sat down with journalist Tamron Hall for an in-depth discussion. Tamron called him a “black superhero.” I just see him as a “fashion superhero.”  Check out his voluminous red caftan (he is known for his caftans) which reads as his own sort of fashion superhero cape. He was and is such an important voice in fashion. As someone raised and supported by his Grandmother, a maid at Duke University …

Style Inspiration

Inaugural Weekend Fashion

Four more years of glamour! After this current term is over, there will have been 12 years straight of a fashion forward First Lady. As far as I’m concerned, Melania can do no wrong. Powder blue Ralph Lauren cashmere with matching powder blue pumps and gloves? The fashion world was agog, paying Melania the ultimate compliment by comparing her outfit to that of Jackie O’s inauguration look. I was at first shocked by the seeming simplicity of Melania’s Inaugural Ball gown, as it wasn’t much of a gown. However, I’ve come to realize how well she was expressing her true …

Shopping Tips

Service Through Fashion

Better late than never, right? I’ve been wanting to share these brands, all discoveries from my trip to Israel, with you for awhile now. This blog is about people who saw a need and created a solution to benefit the worker, the business, and the consumer. There are people who talk, and people who do. Orna and Isaac Levy of Megemeria, Taryn Cantor of Sew Sara and Mindy Scheier of Runway of Dreams have done a lot. I encourage you to watch these videos and share them with others. If you are interested in purchasing items from Megemeria or Sew Sara, …